Road Bike Walking Route Up Skateboard Tricks Under Viaduct Skytain And Cars With City Skatepark Under Viaducts Split In The Viaduct Skytain And Traffic Near Stadium Station Patch On The Floor Used Paint Tubes Single Brush Detail Paint Splatters On The Floor Tea Kettle On The Boil Paint Knives Hanging Rim Highlights On Paintbrushes Nara Looking At Chesters Tongue Nara Looking At Chester Eye Level Kids Watching The Beluga Claira Looking At Little Frogs On The Trail To The Lake Nara Throwing Food At Ducks Male Wood Duck Coming For Food Male Wood Duck Reflected Nara Feet Up Through Puddle Claira Feet Up Through Puddle Chestnut Backed Chickadee Barred Owl Looking At Me Barred Owl Side View

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