Nara Small Hands Nara Watching The Show Claira Hiding From Clipped Hair Claira Tipping Head Claira Happy With Haircut Orange Maple Leaves And Snow Yellow Maple Leaves And Snow Snow In Quarry Barred Owl Low In Cedars Barred Owl Out Of The Snow Purple Finch Female Bald Eagle Flying With Bird Remains Purple Finch Male Nara Looking Up At Balloon Project Claira Filling In Her Card Ready To Release Claira Building Cupcake Haley Adding Purple Nara Happy With Hair Pumpkin Cupcake And Others Cupcake Decorating Pipes Jumping Rocks Nara With Foot Frozen Walking On Beach Log Riding In Olympic Village Claira With Fall Colours Table Lit From Windows Tools And Colour Charts Wall Dribbles And Floor Splatter Creativity Fuel Over Painted Stool Emptying The Pumpkins Carved Lit Pumpkins

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