Claira From The Train Nara Watching The Lights Go By Train Turning The Corner Claira As Fire Chief Nara Driving The Fire Truck Nara With Gingerbread House Claira Outside Gingerbread House Walking In The Snow Outside With The Snowman Claira On The Teeter Totter Nara Crawling Through Tunnel Nara Floating Off Ramp Nara Lands Smiling Claira And Mom Playing Pass Hg Claira Smiling Playing Catch Helen And Claira At Play Gym Nara Climbing The Rope Nara Starting Head Stand Nara Jumping On The Trampoline Nara Walking Over Blocks Nara Sliding Down Mat Claira On Ride On Toy Claira At Ramp Top Claira On Trike Nara Running In Gym Claira Chasing Ball

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