Backed Up Busses On Granville Street Nara Walking With Light Dusting Of Snow Nara Playing With Snow At School Snow Covered Docks Granville Island Snowy Night Nara Passing Nara Kicking Feet Nara Walking On Spot Nara Two Feet Jumping Nara Superman Slide Horiz Nara Hanging On Bar Nara Out Of Frame Nara Superman Slide Vert Nara With Bubbles In Hair Claira Before Claira Hair Washed Claira With Drink You Can See Clairas Eyes Nara Getting Updo Claira Ta Da Claira At Rings Claira Hanging Upside Down Claira Balancing On One Leg Claira Swinging On Rope Nara Working Roof Line Adding Smarties Claira Done Yard Working Around Roof Claira Adding Candy Cane Claira Eating Icing From Bag First Day On Skiis Clear Sunrise Nara On Skiis Claira Walking Up Carpet Claira Snowplowing Back Down Nara On Magic Carpet Up Hill Nara With Frosty Hair Building Up Powder Second Day Bib Nara And Claira On Practice Hill Nara Watching Construction At 6th And Fir Paved Bike Lane At Burrard And Pacific Flock Of Merganser Flying By Bonapartes Gull Horned Grebe Snowy Vancouver Behind Claira With Her Snowman Nara Building Up Base Clairas Snowman Has Olaf Treatment Nara Installing Face Features Nara Riding Purple Horse Claira And Helen On Carousel Lanterns In Trees Nara And Claira On Trail Carousel In The Background Bottle Top Flowers Well Lit Up Trees At Vandusen Nara And Claira Around String Of Lights Octopus Mermaid And Bra Surfers On The Beach Entrance To Slot Canyon People Walking In Canyon Lush Green Walls Helen And John In Canyon Log Down At Waterfall Helen Standing In Slot Canyon Claira Windy Sunrise Claira Snow Flying By

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