Kids Between Tunnels Claira And Nara Running Out Of Tunnel Walking Over Trestle Into Cave Maidenhair Fern Growing Out Of Tunnel Wall Gear Loadout At Manning Eating Roast Chicken Claira Eating Her Chicken Nara With Bubbles In The Camp Site Claira Making Her Own Bubbles Night Time Glowsticks Tent Lit Up With Night Light Big Dipper Over The Trees Viewpoint Pullout After Sunrise Grouse Walking On Crumbling Slope Grouse With Valley Behind Chipmunk Eating Seeds In The Rocks Townsends Warbler Female Mountain Bluebird Golden Crowned Kinglet Yellow Bellied Marmot Mountain Sorrel Growing In Rocks Start Of Canoe Trip Watching Kids Jump Off The Rainbow Bridge Nara Smiling In The Canoe Nara Paddling Helping The Boat Go Faster Nara Swimming By Boat Launch Helen And Claira In Lightning Lake John And Claira In Lightning Lake Yellow Rumped Warbler Yellow Rumped Warbler Looking Back Portrait Of A Ground Squirrel Ground Squirrel Profile Walking Down Train In Subalpine Meadows Fleabane With Insect Alpine Arnica Whisky Jack Eyeing Our Lunch Cedar Waxwing In Blueberry Bush Four Female Red Crossbill Stellars Jay Raven Perched Beaver Pond Early Beaver Pond With Reflection Paddle Tailed Darner In Flight Paddle Tailed Darner Face Great Blue Heron On Log Boom Different Kinds Of Morning People Kids Swimming In The Lake Claira In The Lake With Highlights Claira Swimming With Mommy Behind Claira Sitting In Shallow Water Satyr Anglewing At The Beach Just Before The Tent Came Down

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