About To Get Changed Looking At You Marcus Looking At You Dreaming Baby Dreams Hand Washing The Head Not Too Much Soap Please This Is No Fun Can We Say No To Baths Getting Hair Dried That Was Not So Bad Sleeping Like ABaby Time To Wake Up Sleep With Mouth Open Smiling Milk Drunk Outside Is Bright Family Portrait Time To Party Getting AKiss From Mom Surprised Marcus Helen And Marcus Looking Curious Sitting Back Relaxing Out For AWalk With ASleeping Son 6 Months Family Portrait 6 Months Close Up 6 Months Having Fun John And Helen At Cresent Beach 6 Months Diana And Marcus 6 Months Playing With Keys Sleeping Like ABaby 2 Big Yawn Getting Your Head Cleaned Good Morning Smile Holding Moms Finger On My Belly Diaper On Diaper Gone Asleep On Shoulder Diana And Marcus Family Portrait With Sleeping Son Party Under The Mobile Whats That Up There Mobile Going By Teddy Bear TShirt Four Faces Of Marcus A Four Faces Of Marcus B Four Faces Of Marcus C Four Faces Of Marcus D Marcus And Toy Giraffe Lips Pursed Post Nap Hair Looking Aside Vigorous Smile Marcus Observing Marcus Moving About Marcus Coming Closer Nara And Grandma Marcus Working On Opening Box Marcus With Green Eyes Marcus With Green Toy

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