Setting Up Camp Eating Dinner At The Campsite Camp Settles For Night Getting Into Bed Breakfast Ready For Ride Visiting Great Grandfather Claira Read For Bike Ride Nara Ready For Bike Ride Three Riders Trained Nara Riding Horse Claira Leading Train Trail Riding In Forest Visiting With Horses Four Bikers Ready Pouring Puddles Off Tarps Taking Cable Ferry To Denman Waiting For Ferry To Hornby Nara Digging Out Fossil Fossil Broken Open Claira And Helen Digging Fossils Claira Getting Ready To Crack Rock Nara With Ice cream Helen With Icecream Claira With Ice cream Walking Out Of Shallow Ocean Walking Along Beach Pretend Eating Crabs Hermit Crab In Shell Crabs In Small Buckets Second Tarp Campfire Helen With Smore Claira Making Smore Three Tarp Morning Nara Feeding Whisky Jacks Walking On Alpine Boardwalk Grilling Salmon And Hotdogs Cooking Marshmellow Around Fire Lexi With Smore Claira With Smore Lexi With Roasted Marshmallow Beach Sky Arrabella Wth Charcoal Marshmallow Kids Roasting Marshmallows Arrabella Going Biking Arrabella Licking Marshmallow Milky Way Over Forest

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