Head Coming Out CSection Half Way Out CSection Just After Apgar Hands Are ALittle Blue Four Kilo Baby Tiny Little Hand Presented To Mom Happy Dad Mom Dad Baby Fingers Sucking Fingers Looking For ANap Grandma Comes To Visit Passive Awake Mom And Nara In Hospital Nara Wrapped Up At The Hospital Engineering Mug To Warm Up Milk Napping During AFeed Nara Wants Some Food Fluffy White Hat The Alternative Williams Family Marcus Visits Nara Grandma Holding Nara Two Swirls Hello Im Into It One Million Dollars Ohh Tummy Time Look Up Tummy Time Looking At Pattern Tummy Time Looking At You Looking Out Bright Windown Nara With Duck Shirt Nara Sucking Finger Before Bath Soaping Up The Scalp Rinsing The Scalp What Is All This Water How Much Longer Drying Off Jenny With Nara Good Skin Bath Time Washing Neck Bath Time Rinsing Scalp Bath Time Fresh Clean Jenny Holding Nara Upright Nara Asleep On Bed Nara With Brown Eyes Grandma And Nara At QE Grandma Jenny And Nara At QE Grandma Mom And Nara At QE Mom Dad And Nara At QE Grandma Holding Nara At QE Jenny And Nara Best Buddies At QE Family Portrait At QE Happy Birthday Diana Grandma With Nara Diagonals Marcus Sticking Out His Tongue Nara With Difficult Skin Grandma With Nara In Sun Grandpa With Nara In Sun Grandma And Nara At Garden Johns Parents At Torii Nara Dad And Jennie At Torii My Parents With Nara In Japanese Garden Two Grandmas And Nara In Japanese Garden Nara In Japanese Garden Parents And Nara On Pond Jenny And Nara At Benches Jenny Theresa And Nara At Benches Helen And Nara At Benches Helen Theresa And Nara At Benches Jenny Theresa And Helen In Front Of Flower Window Grandma And Nara On Ferry Nara Looking Sideways Nara Grinning

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