Pool Of Dark Water Orange Pool Large Plain Sulfur Crystals Orange Fringe Devils Bath Bubble Bursting Nice Pop Lamb Bahing Stands Overlooking The Geyser Soaping The Geyser Non Symmetric Right Left Geyser Going David Mark Walking Under Giant Fern Tarawera Falls Black Swans Swimming By View From Deck Pano View Inside Master Bedroom Mark Watching The View Walking To Stormy Batter Gun Emplacement Hedgehog In Grass Sunburst Over Hills Auckland Skyline From Beach Andrea And Bob Walking Out For ASwim Variable Oyster Catcher NZDotterel NZDotterel On Beach Helen Is Feeling Warm Helen Showing David Love Waterfall Over Moss David Lying On Rock Dicksonia squarrosa, Unfurling fiddlehead Waiting To Get On Glacier Walking In Ice Glowing Ice Kea Walking Over Bridge Ice Anchor Waving At Top Of Climb River Going Into Cave David Getting Ready To Cave Mark Getting Ready To Cave Us Before Glowworm Starry Night Of Bug Bottoms Sky Light Sky Light Away Snaking Through Cave Mau Skeleton David Taking APhoto David And Mark In Cave More Paths In Caves Entrance Mark In Front Of Gyser Walking Up To Lake Steaming Lake View From Rise In Crater Mixing Water Sources Rotting Sulfur Factory Returning To Boat Two Lambs In Contrasty Light Lunch At Winery Bread And Olives Veggie Mash Ring Tailed Pheasant Red Billed Gull Standing Red Billed Gull Gliding Albatross Descending Albatross Shifting On Nest Sun Through Feet Albatross Moving Egg On Nest Soaring Shag On Rock Ledge Shags On Rocks Penguins Coming In Banded Blue Waving Penguins Grouped At Gate Penguins Going For It Dunedin Rail Station Mike On Point Discovery Channel Moment Fur Seal Swimming By Wet And Dry Fur Seals Fur Seal On Rock Boulders Helen Peeking Out Helen And John Hatching Eggs David In Egg Farm Stay Translucent Ears Lamb Lamb Standing With Tail Mark At Dam Overlook Helen Walking Beside Road Sailboat On Lake Vineyard

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