Mountain Bluebird Deer At Attention White Lake In The Morning Western Meadowlark Side Western Meadowlark With Food Chipmunk In The Rocks Scarlet Gilia Great Mullein Sagebrush Mariposa Lily Common Gaillardia Nara Tying Knot Fishing Rods Ready Claira Issued Fishing Rod Nara Fishing Lakeside Driving Forest Fire Lit Road Slopes Burning As We Drive By Fires Burning On Slopes Forest Fire From Campsite Helen Loading The Truck Killdeer Flying By Claira Playing In The Water Nara Swimming In Lake Nara With Ice Cream Claira With Ice Cream Grandpa With Ice Cream Biking Through Cut View Into Mira Canyon Kids Sitting On Rock Face Three Trestles Wood Frame Around Tunnel Long Turning Trestle Claira Biking Small Crystals Of Fluorite Kids Finding Crystals Vein Of Crystal In Rock Helen Breaking Into Rock Good Creek Fire Mount Enas Fire Approaching Fire Pacific Tree Frog Brown Morph Common Opal Claira Has Some Finds Swinging Some Hammers Green And Brown Morph Pacific Tree Frogs Tools And Black Opal Nara Carrying Claira Claira Carrying Nara In The Lake From Trestle Post Fire Campsite Blocked Highway Harkers Organics Boxes Peach Growing In Orchard American Robin On Nest

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