Big Windows Sitting Around Having Breakfast Kitchen Area Selling Bread Things Sean Trying Kimchi The Wool Shed Selling Glass Works Carved Wood Rocking Horses Yeah Okay Sean On Wharf Some Salmon Some Scallops Hope Bay Government Dock David Overlooking Shingle Bay Arbutus Branch Over Beach Common Red Paintbrush Broad-Leaved Stonecrop Deer Jawbone On Beach Sean Cutting Quiche Scallops Steaming In Pot Fish Buried In Salt Crusted Salt On Salmon David On Log Log In Roe Lake Roe Lake Scotch Broom Trail Through Forest Red Columbine Robin Egg Shell On Moss Mount Norman Park Sign Us At View View From Mount Norman Breakwater At Thieves Bay Sunset Over Thieves Bay Nine Of Us Playing Cards Packing Up To Go Lunch In Thieves Bay Jesse Threw Disc Jin In A Field Of Daisies Jesse And Jin Playing David Taking Photos As We Leave

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