Nara Waiting Before Hike River Exiting Cave Ledge Inside Cave Walking Toward Cave Entrance Sculpted Rocks At Cave Mouth River Taking Long Route Around Island Light Colored River Canyon Above Cave Ferns Growing In Colapsed Rocks Walking On Boardwalk In Forest Bikes Loaded On Ferry Claira Dressed In Blanket Nara Dressed In Blanket Nara Working On Art Ocean Side Of Museum Face In Totem Pole Nara Riding Past Sign Riding Past Store Looking At Burrial Grounds New Pole With Weathered Poles Behind Fallen Pole Weathered Halibut Nimpkish Hotel Riding Through Town Entering Big House Big House Wild Boys Dancing Raven Dance Weather Dance Dancing With Blankets Whisker And Mink Headdresses Orca Mask Claira Biking Past Mural Alert Bay Hotel Waiting For Ferry Back Young Orca With Mom Young Orca And Coastline Watching Orca From The Boat Males Females And Pups On Rock Sea Lions Climbing Up Rocks Yellow-rumped Warbler On Fence Kids With Old Truck Walking On Boardwalk To Museum Kids Under Orca Skeleton Kids With Fin Whale Fin Whale Spine At Eye Level Orca And Humpback Skeletons Three Sea Otters Together Sleeping Baby Mom Carrying Baby In Rain Bald Eagle With Trees Behind Bald Eagle On Rock Kids Watching Rainbow Baby Sea Otter Nursing Holberg Yacht Club Thimbleberries In The Rain Ramp To Dock Bald Eagle With Wet Head Half Dry Seal Watching Us Mom Grooming While Baby Nursing Harbour Seal On Low Rock Mom Swimming With Baby Harbour Seal Looking At Us Family Resting On Rocks Nara In The Back Of Boat

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