Setting Up Campsite Yellow Shore Crab Giant Pink Sea Star Bullfrog In Hamilton Marsh Hamilton Marsh California Quail On Fence Post Pileated Woodpecker On Branch Male And Female Pileated Woodpecker On Tree Legacy Sand Sculpture Giant Squid Sand Sculpture Sea Turtle Sand Sculpture Squirrel Coming Down Branch Squirrels Passing On Tree Chickadee Came To Visit Chickadee Preparing For Launch Juvenile Spotted Towhee Kids Making Smores Claira Enjoying Marshmallows Nara With Cookies And Cream Ice Cream Claira With Cookies And Cream Ice Cream Eating Ice Cream After Bike Ride Biking Back To The Campsite Sleeping With Glow Sticks Tiny Blue Dots Beach Grassy Chatting Around Propane Fire Pit White Crowned Sparrow On Thin Branch Black Bunny In Grass Jin Spinning Haley Biking Back From Playground

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