Cabin on Point on Galiano Island Tree House for Lunch Andrea in Tree House Bed in Bed and Breakfast Room Entrance White Shell Beach in Front of Bed And Breakfast View From Bed And Breakfast Stars Above House Orion Above Trees Ghosts of Andrea Queen of Cumberland at Mayne Island White Bells in Yard Irises in Yard Yellow Crocus in Yard Duck Creek Map S Bend on Duck Creek S Bend on Duck Creek with Ferns Trail Up Hill Pigs In The Forest Pigs Rooting Beside Road Pigs In the Forest Pigs Rooting at Roadside Burgoyne United Church St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church Rest in Peace Grave Stone St. Mary's Anglican Church Graveyard Behind St. Mary's Anglican Church Creek and Tree Moss on Trees Foggy Trees Motion Blur Water Foggy Trees Cliffs in Fog Fog Over Samson Narrows Mount Maxwell Sign Petroglyph of Seal in Fulford Harbour The Fulford Harbour Petroglyph Plaque Andrea Getting on a Horse Horses Andrea on a Horse Cranberry Ridge

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