Maidenhair Fern Creekside Curious Osprey Family Red-Naped Sapsucker Red-veined Meadowhawkff On Grass Savannah Sparrow On Fence Rail Mormon Fritillary On Alfalfa Immature Cherry-faced Meadowhawk Cabbage Whites Mating On Seed Head Graceful Cinquefoil European Skipper Two Ponderosa Pines With Picnic Table Spotted Knapweed On Trail Yellow Salsify Field Sagebrush At Lac Du Bois Sagebrush Mariposa Lily Sea Of Light Grass Deer In The Grasses Claira Helping To Clean Up Merlin Fishing Rods Ready To Go Claira With Fishing Rod Helen And Nara With Fishing Rod Fishing In The Swimming Area Claira On Peer With Camera Adult Osprey On Sign Nara And Claira On Pier Running Western Grebe Adult Western Grebe Adult And Juvenile Osprey Family On Nest Nara Swimming Deep Claira Near The Shore Kids Wrapped In Towels Claira With Blue Lips Nara With Blue Lips Margaret Falls Helen And Kids At Margaret Falls Walking Down Reinecker Gorge Family On Bridge Nara And Claira On Bridge About To Jump In The Lake Nara Swimming With Beach Ball Claira In The Lake Claira Watching The Campfire Family Portrait With The Campfire Kids Dancing With Glow Sticks Yellow Wand As ARibbon Bright Flashlights Fireside Kids With Flashlights In Tent Boat Launch At Moon Rise Night In The Glow Room

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