Bowen Island Ferry Leaving Ahead Of Us Walking Out On Pier Nara Jumping In Swimming In Dark Ocean Climbing Ladder Out Starfish On Glass Claira Looking At Beach Zones Tanks Starfish In Tank Sculpin With Sea Stars Anemones In Sunlight Houseboat With Japanese Maples Small Houseboat With Lots Of Plants Bucket Of Chips Drink An Chips Ice Cream On AHot Day Claira Likes Chocolate Turkey Vulture Eyeing Carcus Cormorants Just Off Shore Partially Eaten Sturgen Belly Up Kids Touching Plates On Sturgeon Plates On Spine Translucent Fin Sturgeon Head Child Provided For Scale Nara Eating Breakfast With Beach View Claira Found Hammock Double Swing On Arbutus Double Swing Over Driftwood Popsicle Walking In Market Stack Of Very Clean Beets Neatly Trimmed Rhubarb Spring Onions In Basin Great Blue Heron On Beach Shore Crab In Hand Kids Planning To Start Fire Helen With Campfire Claira With First Smore Nara Roasting Marshmallow Claira With Smore Claira Preparing Next Nara With Marshmallow In Hair Kids On Bridge Over Pond Greater Bladderwort Watershield Blue Dasher On Stick Walking Over Roots Smuggler Cove Three Stages Of Arbutus Bark Grant Island Walking Between Arbutus Trees Cardinal Meadowhawk On Stem Micro Habitat Bladderwort Interupting Reflection Claira Done Hiking

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