Gas Station In Bamfield Mechanical Dial Gas Pump New Bamfield Sign View Of Bamfield Inlet Nara With Marine Mammals Sign Claira With Marine Mammals Sign Wet Lab At Bamfield Anemone In Recovery Dead Painted Lady Claira On Rocks In Front Of Resort Sunset In Intertidal Zone Handful Of Crab Molts Small Lined Snail Shell Moon Snail Collar In Sand Anemone Starting To See Light Lines On Green Sea Anemone Tentalces Of Green Sea Anemone At Surface Anemone Burried In Sand Purple Olive Foot Out Of Shell Small Green And Purple Egg Yolk Jellyfish Half Sun Bleached Sand Dollar Small Transparent Jelly In Water Channeled Basket Snail In Hand Moon Snail On Beach Skulpin In Pool Of Snails Purple Sea Stars On Rocks Purple Sponge On Rocks Red Velvet Sponge Feather Boa Kelp Constantinea Cup And Saucer Small Spot Of Sponge Ready To Get On Plane Yolk Flops Side To Side Noise Warning Leaving The Dock Flying With Ear Protection Empty Sandy Beaches Watching World From Back Seat Strong Currents Through Rocks Hot Springs Cove Coming Around To Dock On Dock At Hot Springs Our Plane Flying Away Straight Boardwalk With Tree Overhead Canadian Bunchberry Moss Hanging From Shrub Coming Down Stairs At Hot Springs Dad Walking On Hot Springs Boardwalk Boardwalk At Hot Spring Source Old Change Rooms Hot Springs At Ocean Edge Hot Springs Over Rocks Tide Pool With New Changerooms Start Of Boardwalk Walking Back Down Ramp Loading Back Into Plane Packed Into Middle Seat Aircraft Controls Claira With View Of Ocean Shallow Beach From Plane Beach At Low Tide Five Ribbed Kelp Small World Under Sea Grass Purple Olive In The Sand Dead Man Fingers On Rocks Small Sea Star On Kelp Red Blades Kelp From Low Intertidal To Trees Laminaria Hanging From Verticle Rock Lined Chiton Large Foot Of Feather Boa Kelp Leather Star In Small Pool Parents Out On Beach Morning Walk On Beach Tacos On Picnic Table Pacific Crab Apple Walking On Mackenzie Beach Layers Of Kelp On Rocks Macrocystis Low Down Island Connected By Low Tide Blood Start In Shallow Pool Kelp Knitted Like Fabric Purple Sea Urchins Hiding In Cracks Bright Red Sponge On Rocks Northern Feather Duster Worms Clown Dorid Rock Scallop Red Fish Stands Out One Orange Anenome Internal Structure Short Tentacles Long Tentacles Bay Pipefish Face Feet On Leather Star Strawberry Anemone Two Feet Sweeping Habitat In Damaged Trunk Kids On Wind Formed Branch Out Climbing Trees Having Sleep In Tree Taking In Open Ocean View At Lighthouse Nara Exaggerating Height Difference Sundews And Sphagnum Moss Stopping In For Ice Cream Sitting On Deck Stickers On Tacofino Truck Waiting For Food To Arrive Tacos Drinks And Chips

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