Arrival At Tacofino Meeting Up At Chocolate Tofino David And Stephen Ron And Jeremy Eric Xander And Gabi Taiki Harvey Shum Family Me And The Kids Takako Making An Entrance Mark And Takako Holding Hands Bruce With Wedding Ring Watching Wedding New Married Again Getting Ready For Portraits Mark John And Family Mark Takako Stephen And Dave Mark Takako Jeremy And Ron Mark Takako And Andrea Eric Up In Tree Bruce Giving Toast Cutting The Cake Marks Parents Witnessing The Cake Cutting Head Table Wedding Bouquet Claira And George Climbing Trees Runs In Family Islands Rocks And Ocean View From The Rocks Red Castilleja More Orange Castilleja Saskatoon On The Rocks Amphitrite Point Lighthouse Holding Hands Morning View Of Lennard Island Lighthouse Villous Cinquefoil In Crack Giant Green Anemone With Mussels Pool Full Of Giant Green Anemone Water Floods Into Intertidal Pool Aggregating Anemone For Scale Skate Purse Washed Up On Beach Nara Riding Zip Line Claira Riding Zip Line Start At Tofino Market Kids Selling Kids Lemonade Running On Wet Sand Big Reflections On The Beach Waves Wrapping Around Incinerator Rock Gooseneck Barnacles On Holdfast Busy Day For Surfers Family At The Beach Stonecrop Looking For Space Sunny Spot Between Tidal Islands Investigating Wildflowers Monkeyflower With View Of Beach View Back To Long Beach Stonecrop And Monkeyflower On Rock Claira Found Ice Cream Watching In Big Pool Sea Star On Rock Claira Watching Octopus Brittle Star Out For Walk Strawberry Anemone Trail Bridge Made From Fallen Log Trail Side Plants Skunk Cabbage Grotto Huevos Rancheros Naras Steaming Noodles Walking Onto Chesterman Beach Ochre Star And Leather Star Deep Crack In Shoreline Kids In Sea Cave Shell Encrusted Aggregating Anemone Strong Showing Of Ocre Stars Doom Is Washing In Claira Chasing Dad Kite Surfing With Frank Island Behind

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