Church In Cai Be Taxing Across Channel Making Rice Paper Peeling Paper Off Fabric Drying Rice Paper Making Puffed Rice Separating Husk From Puffed Rice Lunch At Riverside Restaurant Boating By With Traps Harvesting Snails In Channel Pushing Tourists Down Channel Finding Snails In Mangroves Longan Loading On Boat Bridge Near Can Tho The Pho Boat The Dice Game For Kids Monks Coming From Building Roulette Like Game Monks Having Daily Meal Shaved Ice Bike Community Threshing Feeding Thresher Thresher Blowing Straw Feeding Bags Goods Sticks Up Boat Full Of Dragon Fruit Helen In The Bow Boat Of Papaya Boat Full Of Squash Selling Bags Full Small Buyers Two Birds Looking Aside Two Birds On Tree Top Spiky Feathers Out Two Chicks In Tree Stack Of Crocodiles Crocodile Coming Out Cutting Tape Of Crocodile Wrapping Incense On Small Sticks Painted Sticks Larger Incense Sticks View Towards Chau Doc

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