Place In Sapa Mountains Around Resort Fiber Drying Vietnamese Pig Small Vegetable Patch Terraced Fields Walking To Local Warm Spring Lantern Next To Road Main Building Of Resort Toll Bridge Hay Stack With A Pipe Harvesting Rice Relaxing With Cut Chaff One Corner Of The Market Sampling Tobacco Smoky Food Area Meats For Soups Rice Pancake Cooking Rice Pancake Flower Hmong Girl Market In AValley Kids In A Field Me And My Water Buffalo Letting Down Her Hair Loading Up On The Back My Guide Making Jokes Kids With ABasket Of Feed Walking By With My Buffalo Frying Rice Five Eggs In Reeds Insects For Sale Red Peppers Talking In The Market Young Woman With Pink Scarf Smiling Flower Hmong Trading Colorful Fabric Shaking Hands In Stall Fish Monger Frying Rice Donuts Sweet Beans In Fried Rice

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