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Playing With Boats In Ocean Rain Chain With Maples Walking Long Driveway Glass Art Gallery Claira And Minature Horse In Forest Nara On Her Pony Eggs And Hashbrowns Gretas Feather Collection Marleen Vermeulen Studio View Towards Gibsons Claira With Licorice Fern Claira With Bigger Tree Orange Winged Grasshopped Claira On Tree Swing Claira At The Top Of The Slide Biking Through Cherry Blossom Intersection Short Fountain Of Drops Pink Spheres Dad Nara And Claira On Bridge Nara Watching Construction At 6th And Fir Fiddlehead Unfurling Hunky Guys Coopers Hawk Huddling Together On The Way Out Quebec Street Into Olympic Village Capstan With Water View Biking Under Granville Street Bridge Cocaine Cowboy Nara On Low Trunk Standing In The Sand At Locarno Beach Look No Chain Claira With Her Snowman Sun Building Turtle In Front Of Art Gallery Hot Sauce Soaking Up The Wood Claira Fishing On Dock Heron Light Sculpture Norwegian Bliss Cruise Ship In Port Ochre Star In The City David And Lost Lagoon Milky Way And Lighthouse At Stanley Park On The Trail To The Lake Peru Flag On Back Of B.A.P.Unio?n Saiwash Rock Wide Angle Masks And Cows Nara Looking Into Her Bucket Lions Gate In Rain Whiskey Cove, Belcarra The Booze Comes Marching In Lighthouse In Background On A Rock The Taj Back Yard Studio Nara At Twin Bridges Lynn Canyon Cafe View From Trestle Sun Rising Behind Baker Family Portrait On Bridge Dandelion Seeds Blowing Into The Background Left Side of Cove Claira Happy Skiier Lost Lake All Masks Gone Sitting At Overlook Bowen Island Ferry Leaving Ahead Of Us Nara And Claira In Class David At Top Panoramic View Of Vancouver From Dam Mountain Swamp Laurel Helen With Waterfall JHN_8115_Jesse Looking At Sunshine Coast Silver Falls And Jeremy Old Power Plant Sean In A Kayak Starting Out In Morning Black Bear Climbing On Logs Pearing Into Lake Nara Swinging Fists Claira Out In Lake Helen In Field Of Flowers Song Sparrow In Tall Grasses Double Creasted On Old Pilings Bar-tailed Godwit Field Of Snow Geese Sweet Spot Houseboat Kepler Portait At Ladner Chickadee Checking Us Out Northern Shoveler Female Sandheads Lighthouse Finn Slough Near Mouth End Of The Island First Trap Hauled Up Brown Eyed Susans Growing In Dry Field Hawk Puffed Up Down Temple Steps Woodpecker On Blue Background Claira Blowing Dandelion Long Exposure Family Of Red Eared Sliders Sea Terminal,  South Terminal,  Main Terminal Of YVR Claira Biking With Her Tongue Out Moms Seafood Cracker Basting Grilled Meat Nara Behind Buttercup David and Eric on Large Pump House Caspian Tern Looking For Fish Walking With Japanese Knotweed Sticks Young Chickens In Cages Iona Spit At Sunset Scooters In Southlands Arch In Back Yard Classical Garden Claira Walking Up The Stream No Lawn Front Yard Grape Hyacinth Baby Jumping Into Shallows Blues And Purples Mixed Gem Studded Puffball Me And My Daughters By The Sunflowers Walking Down Lit Stairs Group Photo Looking Aside Mugs For Sale Claira Got Place Ribbon Running On Mud Four Kids Running Down Trail Lazuli Bunting In The Trees River Otter In Grass West End Of The Island Ferry Coming Into Dock Tall Trees Along Road Side Horses Feeding Haley Feeding Goat Four Ferries In On Picture Spit in Ganges Harbour Broad Leaved Stonecrop On Rocks Eating Snacks Under Arbutus Mushroom S Bend on Duck Creek Morning Kayak Beach In The Tropics Undercut Rock Wall Fernwood Dock Front of House Playing Badminton Retreat Island Sunset Small Purple Flower Nootka Rose Glazing Samples Queued Up For Ferry Transfer Entrance To Mayne Island Community Center Me on Deck Dad And Marcus On Ferry Salish Heron Berthed Next White Bubble Shell On Eel Grass Claira Sitting In APuddle
At Ladner
Tags: biking
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Bike Camping on Pender Island > Journey to Pender Island > At Ladner

Song Sparrow Craning This bird was quite an acrobat in the tall grasses.
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Short Eared Soaring Short Eared Soaring
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Shorted Eared With Feet Visible Shorted Eared With Feet Visible
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Short Eared Owl On Power Cable These owls have really distinct yellow eyes - and they hunt in the day.
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Song Sparrow In Tall Grasses Song Sparrow In Tall Grasses
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Hawk Puffed Up Hawk Puffed Up
Tags: BC fauna, bird
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End Of The Island End Of The Island
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Scott Navigating To Home Scott Navigating To Home
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Bar-tailed Godwit They have a funny behaviour where they still their bill in all the way to their face. They seemed pretty successful at pulling food out of the sand.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > August 2017 > Bar-tailed Godwit