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about map data... Centered at -127 01' 18'', 50 37' 35'',
Map Width: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
480m per pixel
240m per pixel
120m per pixel
60m per pixel
30m per pixel
 Map Height:
Guise Bay Sign At Settlement Kelp In Sand Boardwalk Beside Town Lighthouse First Landing Thimbleberries In The Rain Baby Sea Otter Nursing Brooks Beach Pano Swampy Lake Kids Watching Rainbow Three Sea Otters Together Kids Watching Rainbow Scarlett Point Lighthouse Nara In The Back Of Boat Beach Side At Camp Site Bikes Loaded On Ferry Helen On The Observing Platform Ferry Into Sointula Light Colored River Ocean Side Of Museum Watching Orca From The Boat Rusting Dodge At Telegraph Cove Rhinoceros Aucklet Orca Breaching Composite Males Females And Pups On Rock Boat At Landing Face Coming Around To Dock Mohun Lake Frozen Over Cut Block With Frost Elk Falls From Viewing Platform Nara And Claira Playing In The Snow Colour Fireworks Over Barge Claira Leading Train Common Murre Juvenile And Adult Turkey Vulture Putting On Show Getting Into Bed Beach Towers In Sand Stotan Falls Church In Whaletown Ilo Ilo CH-149 Cormorant Fly Over Claira And Nara Making Monster Faces Four Kids On Log Winter Luxury Pumpkin Claira Cold At The Beach Harvey Shum Family Portrait On The Beach Pilings With Bird Boxes Waterfall From Crows Nest Refuge Cove Store Entrance To Pottery Studio Face Waiting For Ferry To Hornby Claira And Helen Digging Fossils Helen Opening Oyster Glassy Ocean Surface Brittle Prickly-Pear Cactus On Bluff Coming Around To Dock Tide Pool With New Changerooms Strong Currents Through Rocks Empty Sandy Beaches Front of Condo Bright Red Sponge On Rocks Sunset From Radar Mountain Sunset From Radar Mountain Monkeyflower With View Of Beach Skunk Cabbage Grotto At Lighthouse Gas Station In Bamfield Mark under Rock Us on Big Tree Glassy Ocean Surface Falls into Gorge Hamilton Marsh Top Falls at Englishman River California Quail On Fence Post Squirrel Coming Down Branch Helen And Janet At The Beach Catherine And David On Beach Entrance To Slot Canyon
Coming Around To Dock Coming Around To Dock
John Harvey Photo > Coming Around To Dock

Claira With View Of Ocean Claira With View Of Ocean
John Harvey Photo > Claira With View Of Ocean

Aircraft Controls Aircraft Controls
John Harvey Photo > Aircraft Controls

Packed Into Middle Seat Packed Into Middle Seat
John Harvey Photo > Packed Into Middle Seat

Loading Back Into Plane Loading Back Into Plane
John Harvey Photo > Loading Back Into Plane

On Dock At Hot Springs On Dock At Hot Springs
John Harvey Photo > On Dock At Hot Springs

Hot Springs Cove Hot Springs Cove
John Harvey Photo > Hot Springs Cove

Walking Back Down Ramp Walking Back Down Ramp
John Harvey Photo > Walking Back Down Ramp

Start Of Boardwalk Start Of Boardwalk
John Harvey Photo > Start Of Boardwalk

Canadian Bunchberry Canadian Bunchberry
John Harvey Photo > Canadian Bunchberry