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about map data... Centered at -123 11' 56'', 49 16' 23'',
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Pacific Bleeding Heart Trail Side Nara On Low Trunk Kids On The High Sand Nara Pushing ALog Up The Beach Jumping At Lorano Claira At Beach Claira Not Happy About Rain Running On Sandy Beach Check It Out Vancouver House Over Beach Avenue Canada Flag On BCPlace Claira Hopping Blues and Purples Skatepark Under Viaducts Paved Bike Lane At Burrard And Pacific Look No Chain Wrecked Sailboat Skytain And Traffic Near Stadium Station Claira With Her Snowman Lotus Flowers And Archway Some Random Rook Claira Received Red Packet From God Of Fortune Art On The Beach Sun Building Turtle In Front Of Art Gallery Holy Rosary Cathedral Hot Sauce Soaking Up The Wood Nico And His Back Tattoo Also Tagged Bulk Carrier Inukshuk At Dusk Claira With Feathers Mask At Crab Park Heron Light Sculpture Marine Building And MNPTower English Bay Claira Riding Carousel Noordam And Wester Dam Back To Back Claira With Marshmallow Sticks Claira Feeding Baby Mallards Nara Holding Her Bird Feeder Ochre Star In The City Chickadee At Nest Hole David And Lost Lagoon Deadman Island In The Fog Counting Neck Feathers Soft Blossoms At Stanley Park Milky Way And Lighthouse At Stanley Park Nara In Bouncy Train Beaked Hazelnut Claira Feet Up Through Puddle Claira Happy At End Of Ride Wilsons Warbler Peru Flag On Back Of B.A.P.Unio?n Saiwash Rock Wide Angle Lions Gate With Streaky Traffic Lions Gate With Rocky Beach Blue Burst over Vancouver Under The Lions Gate Bridge Dad Nara And Claira On Bridge Silly Poses On Bridge Two Kids On Stump White Crowned Sparrow Mourning Cloak On Fallen Log Beans Picked For The Feast Large Orange Fungus Fern Growing Out Of Mossy Trunk High Five For Good Ride Fern With A Slight Twist Coopers Hawk Labrador Tea Blooming In Camosun Bog Song Sparrow On Cattail Hg No Lawn Front Yard Mugs For Sale Claira Climbing On Logs Poppies In Garden Capstan With Water View Candy Canes Claira On Tree Swing Scooters In Southlands Large Enough To Play Football Claira With Sidewalk Chalk Nara Inspecting Her Shoes Art Ourdoors Arch In Back Yard Classical Garden Nara At Water Park Claira Out In Front Flowers Opening To Sphere Lit Pumpkins On Wall Nara Climbing Tree Grape Hyacinth Satyr Anglewing On Chewed Leaf Chickadee Excavating Cavity Nara Walking Over Bridge Blues And Purples Mixed Group Photo Looking Aside Claira Got Place Ribbon Leaving Pink House Face Like Lanterns Danger Thin Ice Claira At The Top Of The Slide Biking Through Cherry Blossom Intersection View Down Oak Street Cherry Blossom In Front Of Downtown Pink Spheres Nara Watching Construction At 6th And Fir Claira Walking With Big Leaf Turning Onto Lameys Mill Road Yellow Iris With Ants Under Cambie Street Bridge Walking On Seawall Claira And Nara With Face Paint Claira With Her Ice Cream Hunky Guys Hold Up In Olympic Village Huddling Together On The Way Out Claira With Transformation Claira Jumping Between Rocks Drummers In David Lam Park Drumming Performance Passing Science World Biking Under Downtown Cambie Bridges Biking Under Granville Street Bridge Dragon Boats Cocaine Cowboy Reflected Burrard Street Bridge Juggling Fire David and Eric on Large Pump House European Skipper On Leaf Stamens Sea Terminal,  South Terminal,  Main Terminal Of YVR Caspian Tern Looking For Fish Great Blue Heron With Morning Fog Walking With Japanese Knotweed Sticks Wild Carrot Lining Path Bald Eagle Looking For Snack At The Beach At Sunset Common Merganser Juvenile With Crab Iona Spit At Sunset Red Wing Blackbird In Red Elderberry Common Yellowthroat Pied Billed Grebe With Chick Claira Scooting North Arm Of Fraser Tugboat And Barge Claira Trying To Emulate Nara Walking On Balance Beam Claira Biking With Her Tongue Out Moms Seafood Cracker Basting Grilled Meat Richmond Night Market
No Lawn Front Yard No Lawn Front Yard
Tags: garden, house
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > June 2007 > No Lawn Front Yard

Scooters In Southlands Scooters In Southlands
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > May 2020 > Scooters In Southlands

Fern With A Slight Twist Fern With A Slight Twist
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > 08_2007 > Fern With A Slight Twist

Large Enough To Play Football Large Enough To Play Football
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > June 2007 > Large Enough To Play Football

Roadside Buttercup Roadside Buttercup
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > May 2020 > Roadside Buttercup

Claira Scooting Claira Scooting
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > May 2020 > Claira Scooting

Mugs For Sale Mugs For Sale
Tags: pottery
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > May 2019 > Mugs For Sale

Poppies In Garden Poppies In Garden
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > May 2019 > Poppies In Garden

Claira On Tree Swing Claira On Tree Swing
Tags: lights, swing
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > December 2020 > Claira On Tree Swing

Piggy Back Piggy Back
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > December 2020 > Piggy Back