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about map data... Centered at -125 45' 25'', 49 04' 04'',
Map Width: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
29685m per pixel
14842m per pixel
7421m per pixel
3710m per pixel
1855m per pixel
927m per pixel
463m per pixel
 Map Height:
Scarlett Point Lighthouse Guise Bay Western Sandpipers Feeding Sundews Growing Through Old Trail Kelp In Sand Eagle In Foggy Trees Boardwalk Beside Town Lighthouse First Landing Thimbleberries In The Rain Brooks Beach Pano Swampy Lake Kids Watching Rainbow Bald Eagle On Rock Nara In The Back Of Boat Beach Side At Camp Site Pultney Point Lighthouse With Fog Horns Bikes Loaded On Ferry Helen On The Observing Platform Bench With AView Of Marina Sandy Beach Tidepooling Light Colored River Ocean Side Of Museum Watching Orca From The Boat Rusting Dodge At Telegraph Cove Rhinoceros Aucklet Orca Breaching Composite Males Females And Pups On Rock Boat At Landing Mohun Lake Frozen Over Cut Block With Frost Elk Falls From Viewing Platform Colour Fireworks Over Barge Church In Whaletown Arbutus Growing In Gorge Waterfall From Crows Nest Refuge Cove Store Face Helen Opening Oyster View From Lunch Tarn In Front Of Anniversary Glacier Harmony Lake Waiting For Lifts To Open Fishermen In Lillooet Lake Brandywine Falls First Lake Pano Helen Next To Tszil Glacier Bunchberry Growing On Log Helen And Mark With Mountain Pink Monkey Flowers Helen And IIn The Big Pool Fleabane Side On Coming Around To Dock Tide Pool With New Changerooms Strong Currents Through Rocks Shallow Beach From Plane Nara And Claira Playing In The Snow Cape Mudge Lighthouse Claira Leading Train Common Murre Juvenile And Adult Turkey Vulture Putting On Show Getting Into Bed Ponds At Williams Beach Stotan Falls Ilo Ilo CH-149 Cormorant Fly Over Claira And Nara Making Monster Faces Four Kids On Log Harlequin Duck At Beach Winter Luxury Pumpkin Claira Cold At The Beach Chipping Sparrow Grandma And Nara On Log Pilings With Bird Boxes Entrance To Pottery Studio Mark under Rock Waiting For Ferry To Hornby Claira And Helen Digging Fossils Us on Big Tree Glassy Ocean Surface Brittle Prickly-Pear Cactus On Bluff Falls into Gorge Hamilton Marsh Goats On The Roof At Coombs Top Falls at Englishman River California Quail On Fence Post Squirrel Coming Down Branch Nara Putting Outrigger On Boat Walking Between Arbutus Trees Shack Island Bake Shop Sign Glaze Sample Board Claira Found Hammock Watching Current Skookumchuck Narrows Mud Flats at Sunset Playing With Boats In Ocean Rain Chain With Maples Glass Art Gallery Claira Talking To Horse Gretas Feather Collection Left Side of Cove Burrard Street Bridge in Snow Dive Site Right Blue Burst over Vancouver Bridge by Cheakamus Canyon Bumps on a Rail Lost Lake Panoramic Whiskey Cove, Belcarra Glassy Lake View Towards Gibsons High Falls View From Second Chief Petgill Lake View Across Elfin Lakes Look No Chain David and Eric on Large Pump House Sitting Under Cherry Blossoms David At Top Flowers In Crack Lynn Canyon Cafe River Side Camp Site Skookumchuck Church of the Holy Cross Grave Stone White Crowned Sparrow Tall Trees Along Road Side On Siwash Rock Boat Rental At Pitt Lake Black Tusk And Two Lakes Packs In The Parking Lot Budhist Prayer Flags With AView Of Vancouver Helen With Waterfall Capstan With Water View Large Enough To Play Football Fern Growing Out Of Mossy Trunk Frilly Orange Caterpillar Old Power Plant Sean In A Kayak Silver Falls And Jeremy Creek Side Hiking Up Claira At Norquay Water Park Nara Behind Buttercup Claira Grinning On Her Bike Banded Alder Borer Claira Filling ABucket Bridge Sticking Through Clouds Bridge Over Coquitlam River Building Up Powder Playing On Climber Claira With Bigger Tree Black Bear Climbing On Logs Claira Looking To Throw Stones Chiefs With Light Snow Masks And Cows Baby Jumping Into Shallows Empty Sandy Beaches Flying With Ear Protection Front of Condo Jin and Jesse! Sunset From Radar Mountain Monkeyflower With View Of Beach Skunk Cabbage Grotto Helen Isnt Scared Of Heights At Lighthouse Gas Station In Bamfield Helen And Janet At The Beach Catherine And David On Beach Entrance To Slot Canyon Maidenhair Fern Hiding In Rocks Surfers At Jordan River Bridge Over Small Stream Bastion in Nanaimo Stars With Ferries Behind Jin And Helen On Beach Stephen And His Sunset Hot Tub And House Helen In Field Of Flowers Big Sooke Pothole Starting Picnic Trip Playing Badminton Grandma With Cedar Trees Honeysuckle S Bend on Duck Creek Cedar Stump Fernwood Dock View From Ridge Kids Found Playground Panorama Als Gourmet Falafel And Fries Burgoyne United Church Boy With A Headache John And Helen With Lit Trees St. Marys Anglican Church Petroglyph of Seal in Fulford Harbour View From Bed And Breakfast Spirit of Vancouver Island Ferry Terminal Shell Beach Runabout on the Beach At Ladner Nice Melons, Karen! Morning Kayak Curve of Time in Bay Sandheads Lighthouse San Juan Lighthouse Saturna View From Mount Norman Sea Terminal,  South Terminal,  Main Terminal Of YVR Just the Head of a Seal New National Park Sign Kayla Throwing ARock Blue Flowers Richmond Night Market Crocuses Growing In The Field Down Temple Steps How To Make Planter Red Field Dark Clouds Tulips To Barn Ferry Coming Into Dock Helen Smiling Hawk Puffed Up Woodpecker On Blue Background Basket Of Peppers Bubbles Floating Away Field Of Snow Geese James Flying Standing In The Ocean Short Eared Owl On Power Cable Chickadee Checking Us Out Claira Sitting In APuddle Nara On The Zip Line Nara And Claira On The Bridge Arcing Train In Garry Oak Meadow Dunlin Reflected With Fall Colours Kepler Portait Broad Leaved Shooting Star Bar-tailed Godwit Claira Having Fun Paddling Biggest Splash Competition Windy On The Ship Abby Eating Smore Boardwalk In Forest Ambledale Farms Farm Stand Apple Tree At Indolent Poultry Arbutus With View Ferns Shading Freckled Pelt Lichen Brown Pelican At Top Of Rock Harbour Seal Out Of Water Immature Rhinoceros Auklet Basket Materials Hanging To Dry Claira Operating Loom Four Ferries In On Picture Mini Donut Trailer Dedicated Studio Grey Whale Back Humpback Diving Race Rocks From Ocean Side Goose Tongue Growing In Rocks Rhinoceros Auklet Swimming Together Tree Shelters Stonecrop From Trail Rocks At Otter Point Sheringham Point Lighthouse Grandma And Kids Half Of Metchosin Farmers Market Fishboat Bay Park Nara Ready To Jump Ferry Off Bainbridge Island Claira Discovers Its All Splash Zone
Helen And Janet At The Beach Helen And Janet At The Beach
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > August 2010 > Helen And Janet At The Beach

Dad And Evelyn At Beach Dad And Evelyn At Beach
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > August 2010 > Dad And Evelyn At Beach

Carpet Of Sea Sacks Carpet Of Sea Sacks
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > April 2022 > Carpet Of Sea Sacks

Black Katy Chiton I found a lot of Chitons. I wonder if they are doing better because there aren't as many sea stars around.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > April 2022 > Black Katy Chiton

Dry Seals On Rock Dry Seals On Rock
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > April 2022 > Dry Seals On Rock

Black Katy Chiton I love how Sea Sacs (Halosaccion glandiforme) has chosen to colonize the plates on this Chiton.
John Harvey Photo > John's Overnight Page > Port Renfrew > Black Katy Chiton

Red Rock Crab Red Rock Crab
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > August 2010 > Red Rock Crab

Harvey June And Janice Looking For Pools Harvey June And Janice Looking For Pools
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > August 2010 > Harvey June And Janice Looking For Pools

Tide Pool On Shore These are deep pools - like looking in an aquarium.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > August 2010 > Tide Pool On Shore

Beach With Reflections Beach With Reflections
John Harvey Photo > John's Overnight Page > Port Renfrew > Beach With Reflections
John Harvey Photo > Learn Photography > Learn To Photograph Tide Pools > Beach With Reflections