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Guise Bay Sign At Settlement Kelp In Sand Boardwalk Beside Town First Landing Baby Sea Otter Nursing Brooks Beach Pano Kids Watching Rainbow Bald Eagle On Rock Scarlett Point Lighthouse Nara In The Back Of Boat Beach Side At Camp Site Bikes Loaded On Ferry Helen On The Observing Platform Sandy Beach Tidepooling Light Colored River Watching Orca From The Boat Rusting Dodge At Telegraph Cove Orca Breaching Composite Males Females And Pups On Rock Boat At Landing Mohun Lake Frozen Over Elk Falls From Viewing Platform Colour Fireworks Over Barge Church In Whaletown Waterfall From Crows Nest Refuge Cove Store Face Helen Opening Oyster View From Lunch Tarn In Front Of Anniversary Glacier Harmony Lake Fishermen In Lillooet Lake Brandywine Falls First Lake Pano Bunchberry Growing On Log Helen And IIn The Big Pool Smoke From Forest Fire Roadside Lupins On Truck On Ferry Sun In Smoke Over Fraser Small Lake Reflecting Looking At Stones Long Lake Overlook Damselfly On Ground Common Loon Close To Shore Kids In Front Of Talking Rock Kids At Rivers Join Cisco Bridges Kids Swimming In Lake The Very Smokey Chasm Brittle Prickly Pear Flowering Namesless Pond Murray Creek Falls Fruit At Horstings Bighorn Sheep And Lambs Grocery Shopping With Wagon Sean at Dairy Queen Lake Kamloops Panorama Curious Osprey Family Sagebrush Mariposa Lily Common Opal Kids Finding Crystals Claira Helping To Clean Up Adult Osprey On Sign Helen And Kids At Margaret Falls Helen At Top Of Hill Two Flower Glacier Lily Overgrown Boardwalk Climbing Gun Emplacement Kids Jumping On Bridge Columbia Wetlands Docks Bridge To Takakkaw Falls Cliff Edge Overlook Lower Bugaboo Falls Hour Plus Line Up At Tea House Family At Moraine Lake Orange Soil With Stream Boundary Neave Creek From Canyon Edge Hot Springs From Hotel The Bakery In Invermere Tiger Swallowtail On Clover Radishes And Onions At Market Dutch Creek Hoodoos Valley Without Powerlines Walkway On Wall Unnamed Lake Nara With Small Fish Elk With Valley View Front of Mikes House Coming Around To Dock Strong Currents Through Rocks Empty Sandy Beaches Flying With Ear Protection Jin and Jesse! Monkeyflower With View Of Beach Skunk Cabbage Grotto At Lighthouse Nara And Claira Playing In The Snow Cape Mudge Lighthouse Claira Leading Train Gas Station In Bamfield Juvenile And Adult Turkey Vulture Putting On Show Stotan Falls Ilo Ilo CH-149 Cormorant Fly Over Claira And Nara Making Monster Faces Winter Luxury Pumpkin Claira Cold At The Beach Chewed On Sand Dollar Pilings With Bird Boxes Mark under Rock Waiting For Ferry To Hornby Claira And Helen Digging Fossils Us on Big Tree Glassy Ocean Surface Brittle Prickly-Pear Cactus On Bluff Falls into Gorge Left Side of Cove Burrard Street Bridge in Snow St. Marys Anglican Church S Bend on Duck Creek Spirit of Vancouver Island Ferry Terminal Shell Beach Runabout on the Beach Dive Site Right Mud Flats at Sunset At Ladner Nice Melons, Karen! Bastion in Nanaimo Cedar Stump Top Falls at Englishman River Fence at Rathtrevor Morning Kayak Curve of Time in Bay Sandheads Lighthouse San Juan Lighthouse End of Bodega Ridge Bridge by Cheakamus Canyon Bumps on a Rail Lost Lake Whiskey Cove, Belcarra Tantalus Panorama Rock Margin Castle With Irises View Towards Gibsons High Falls View From Second Chief Drowning In Orange Light Sea Terminal,  South Terminal,  Main Terminal Of YVR Just the Head of a Seal New National Park Sign Kayla Throwing ARock View Across Elfin Lakes Look No Chain David and Eric on Large Pump House Blue Flowers Surfers At Jordan River David At Top Flowers In Crack Lynn Canyon Cafe Richmond Night Market How To Make Planter Wetlands From Tower Red Field Dark Clouds River Side Camp Site White Crowned Sparrow Ferry Coming Into Dock Honeysuckle Boat Rental At Pitt Lake Black Tusk And Two Lakes Budhist Prayer Flags With AView Of Vancouver Andrea Walking On Beach Helen In Field Of Flowers Helen Smiling Woodpecker On Blue Background Basket Of Peppers Sean In A Kayak Creek Side Hiking Up Goats On The Roof At Coombs John And Helen With Lit Trees James Flying Claira Sitting In APuddle Claira Grinning On Her Bike Dunlin Reflected With Fall Colours Bridge Over Coquitlam River Entrance To Slot Canyon Broad Leaved Shooting Star Claira And Her Bike Playing On Climber California Quail On Fence Post Claira And Minature Horse In Forest Claira Building Boat Lunch In Gibsons Claira On Meadow Stone Abby Eating Smore Boardwalk In Forest Bladderwort Interupting Reflection Black Bear Climbing On Logs Claira Looking To Throw Stones Brown Pelican At Top Of Rock Elly Van Alfen Quilts American Dipper In Shallow Water Arbutus On Sandy Beach Bake Shop Sign Watching Current Skookumchuck Narrows Rows Of Daffodils Hot Water Waterfall Cultus Lake Saturday Market Patch Of Ginger Maidenhair Fern Creekside Mark And Mike At Summit Suspension Bridge At Hells Gate Green Lake Maidenhair Fern Growing Out Of Tunnel Wall Start of Hike GPS Receivers Satyr Comma Dorsal Ground Squirrel Profile Bunch Of People At Lunch Bromley Rock Mountains From The Moonscape Camp In Cathedral View From Fire Lookout American Robin On Nest Harkers Organics Boxes Mount Enas Fire Post Fire Campsite Giants Head Looking South Best Picnic Table Ever Salt Flats With Hills Mount Nkwala Scarlet Gilia KVRTunnel Elephant Island Wine Glass Light Purple Grapes Hillsides Covered In Vines Vaseux Lake From Birding Tower Mallards Walking The Beach American Coot With Juvinile View Into Mira Canyon Farmers Market In Grand Forks Super Nice Picnic Table
Farmers Market In Grand Forks Farmers Market In Grand Forks
Tags: market
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > Banff Jasper Road Trip > Osoyoos > Farmers Market In Grand Forks

Rattle Snake Rattle Snake
John Harvey Photo > John's Overnight Page > Cathedral Road Trip > Rattle Snake

Floaties In Swim Area We brought floaties with us, but the hotel had a whole closet full of them for you to borrow. These were borrowed, but I think we own the exact same ones.
Tags: lake, swimming
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > Banff Jasper Road Trip > Osoyoos > Floaties In Swim Area

Mallards Walking The Beach Mallards Walking The Beach
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > Banff Jasper Road Trip > Osoyoos > Mallards Walking The Beach

Walking At Desert Centre Walking At Desert Centre
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > Banff Jasper Road Trip > Osoyoos > Walking At Desert Centre

Bright Golden Aster In Dry Grass I like how you get a splash of colour in a dry and drab background of dead grass. The park labeled this as "Chrysopsis villosa", but apparently that name is now out of date - it's "Heterotheca villosa var. villosa"
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Okanagan Camping 2 > Bright Golden Aster In Dry Grass

Antelope Brush This plant and it's crazy deep roots (much deeper than the plant is tall) is the cornerstone of this ecology.
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Okanagan Camping 2 > Antelope Brush

Visiting Desert Center Visiting Desert Center
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Okanagan Camping 2 > Visiting Desert Center

Western Kingbird Western Kingbird
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2024 to 2005 > Banff Jasper Road Trip > Osoyoos > Western Kingbird

Prickly Pear Cactus One of my favorite plants and there was no shortage of it.
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Okanagan Camping 2 > Prickly Pear Cactus