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Kingdom: Animalia (Animal)
Phylum/Division: Arthropoda (arthropods)
Subphylum/Subdivision: Hexapoda (hexapods)
Class: insecta (insects)
Subclass: Pterygota (winged insects)
Infraclass: Neoptera (modern, wing-folding insects)
Order: Lepidoptera (butterflies, moths)
Superfamily: Geometroidea (geometrid moths)
Family: Geometridae (Geometer moth)
Subfamily: Larentiinae
Genus: Operophtera
Species: Operophtera brumata (winter moth)



Genus: Epirrhoe
Species: Epirrhoe alternata (White-banded Toothed Carpet Moth, common carpet)


Genus: Dysphania
Species: Dysphania militaris (False Tiger Moth)


Subfamily: Ennominae
Tribe: Abraxini
Genus: Abraxas (Magpie Moths)
Species: Abraxas sylvata (Clouded Magpie)


Suborder: Macrolepidoptera
Family: Lasiocampidae (tent caterpillar moths)
Genus: Malacosoma
Species: Malacosoma californicum (Western Tent Caterpillar)

Age: Larval

Age: Larval

Age: Larval

Age: Larval

Family: Noctuidae (dagger moths)
Genus: Acronicta
Species: Acronicta impressa (Willow Dagger Moth)

Age: Larval

Superfamily: Papilionoidea (butterflies)
Family: Nymphalidae (checker-spots, fritillaries, admirals)
Subfamily: Heliconiinae (Fritillaries)
Genus: Speyeria
Species: Speyeria mormonia (Mormon Fritillary)





Species: Speyeria zerene (Zerene Fritillary)


Genus: Boloria
Species: Boloria epithore (Pacific Fritillary)


Subfamily: Nymphalinae
Tribe: Nymphalini (anglewings, tortoiseshells and relatives)
Genus: Vanessa
Species: Vanessa atalanta (Red Admiral)


Species: Vanessa cardui (painted lady)





Age: Mature

Genus: Polygonia
Species: Polygonia satyrus (satyr anglewing)







Genus: Hypolimnas (eggflies)
Species: Hypolimnas bolina (great eggfly)

Gender: Male

Genus: Symbrenthia (jesters)
Species: Symbrenthia lilaea (common jester)



Genus: Nymphalis (Tortoiseshells)
Species: Nymphalis californica (California Tortoiseshell)

Age: Mature

Species: Nymphalis antiopa (Mourning Cloak)



Tribe: Melitaeini
Genus: Euphydryas
Species: Euphydryas editha (Edith's Checkerspot)



Genus: Phyciodes
Species: Phyciodes cocyta (Northern Crescent)






Species: Phyciodes pulchella (Field Crescent)


Tribe: Junoniini
Genus: Junonia (buckeyes, pansies or commodores (worldwide))
Species: Junonia lemonias (lemon pansy)




Species: Junonia iphita (Chocolate Pansy)


Species: Junonia almana (Peacock Pansy)


Subfamily: Danainae (Milkweed butterfly)
Tribe: Danaini
Genus: Parantica (tigers (old world))
Species: Parantica aglea (glassy tiger)




Genus: Danaus (tigers, milkweeds, monarchs, wanderers, and queens)
Species: Danaus chrysippus (plain tiger)



Species: Danaus genutia (common tiger)


Species: Danaus plexippus (Monarch)


Genus: Tirumala (blue tigers)
Species: Tirumala limniace (blue tiger)


Subfamily: Satyrinae (browns)
Tribe: Elymniini (true browns)
Genus: Lethe (treebrowns, woodbrowns, foresters (Asian))
Species: Lethe confusa (banded treebrown)


Tribe: Satyrini (graylings, ringlets, and allies)
Genus: Cercyonis (wood-nymphs)
Species: Cercyonis pegala (Common Wood-Nymph)


Genus: Ypthima
Species: Ypthima baldus (common fivering)



Genus: Mycalesis (Bushbrowns)
Species: Mycalesis zonata (South China Bush Brown)


Subfamily: Morphinae (morphos, owl butterflies)
Tribe: Amathusiini
Genus: Faunis (fauns (Asian))
Species: Faunis eumeus (large faun)


Subfamily: Limenitidinae (Admirals)
Tribe: Limenitidini
Genus: Limenitis
Species: Limenitis lorquini (Lorquin's Admiral)







Age: Mature

Tribe: Neptini (Sailer Butterflies)
Genus: Neptis (Typical Sailers)
Species: Neptis clinia (Southern Sullied Sailer)


Subfamily: Cyrestinae (Daggerwing and Map Butterflies)
Tribe: Cyrestini
Genus: Cyrestis (Map Butterflies)
Species: Cyrestis thyodamas (Common Mapwing)


Family: Papilionidae (swallowtail butterflies, Swallowtails)
Subfamily: Papilioninae (Swallowtails)
Tribe: Leptocircini (Kite Swallowtails, Swordtails, and Jays )
Genus: Graphium (Swordtails)
Species: Graphium agamemnon (Tailed Jay)


Tribe: Papilionini (Fluted Swallowtails)
Genus: Papilio (swallowtails)
Species: Papilio zelicaon (Anise Swallowtail)




Subgenus: Achillides (peacock swallowtails)
Species: Papilio paris (Paris peacock)


Species: Papilio helenus (Red Helen)


Subgenus: Pterourus (Tiger Swallowtails and Allies)
Species: Papilio rutulus (Western Tiger Swallowtail)





Species: Papilio eurymedon (Pale Swallowtail)



Family: Pieridae
Subfamily: Pierinae
Genus: Pieris
Species: Pieris rapae (Cabbage White)
Gender: Multiple

Gender: Male, Female

Gender: Missing
Genus: Neophasia
Species: Neophasia menapia (Pine White)


Genus: Delias
Species: Delias pasithoe (redbase Jezebel)




Age: Larval

Age: Larval

Subfamily: Coliadinae (sulphurs or yellows)
Genus: Eurema (grass yellow butterflies)
Species: Eurema blanda (three-spot grass yellow)


Superfamily: Hesperioidea (Skipper)
Family: Hesperiidae
Subfamily: Hesperiinae (Grass skippers or banded skippers)
Genus: Thymelicus
Species: Thymelicus lineola (European Skipper)






Subfamily: Pyrginae (Spread-wing Skippers)
Tribe: Tagiadini
Genus: Tagiades (Snow Flats)
Species: Tagiades menaka (Dark-edged Snow Flat)


Family: Papilionidae (Swallowtail butterfly)
Genus: Lamproptera
Species: Lamproptera curius (White Dragontail)




Family: Lycaenidae (gossamer-winged butterflies)
Subfamily: Lycaeninae (coppers)
Genus: Heliophorus
Species: Heliophorus epicles (purple sapphire)


Tribe: Lycaenini
Genus: Lycaena
Species: Lycaena mariposa (Mariposa Copper)



Species: Lycaena helloides (Purplish Copper)


Subfamily: Theclinae (Hairstreaks)
Genus: Strymon
Species: Strymon melinus (gray hairstreak)


Subfamily: Polyommatinae (Blues)
Genus: Cupido (Tailed-Blues)
Species: Cupido amyntula (Western Tailed-Blue)


Superfamily: Noctuoidea (night owl)
Family: Erebidae
Subfamily: Arctiinae
Tribe: Arctiini
Genus: Pyrrharctia
Species: Pyrrharctia isabella (banded woollybear)

Age: Larval

Age: Larval

Family: Riodinidae (Metalmark Butterflies)
Genus: Zemeros
Species: Zemeros flegyas (Punchinello)