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Kingdom: Animalia (Animal)
Phylum/Division: Chordata (chordates)
Subphylum/Subdivision: Vertebrata (vertebrates)
Infraphylum/Infradivision: Gnathostomata (jawed vertebrates)
Superclass: Tetrapoda (four-footed)
Class: Mammalia (mammals)
Subclass: Theria
Infraclass: Eutheria (placental mammals)
Order: Rodentia (rodents)
Suborder: Sciuromorpha (squirrels)
Family: Sciuridae (chipmunks, marmots, squirrels)
Subfamily: Sciurinae
Genus: Tamias (chipmunks)
Species: Tamias amoenus (Yellow-Pine Chipmunk)








Genus: Tamiasciurus
Species: Tamiasciurus hudsonicus (Red Squirrel)







Species: Tamiasciurus douglasii (Douglas's squirrel)




Genus: Marmota (marmots)
Species: Marmota caligata (Hoary Marmot)












Species: Marmota flaviventris (Yellow-Bellied Marmot)






Age: Mature

Genus: Spermophilus (ground squirrels)
Species: Spermophilus saturatus (Cascade Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel)



Species: Spermophilus columbianus (Columbian ground squirrel)













Genus: Sciurus (tree squirrels)
Species: Sciurus carolinensis (eastern gray squirrel)




Suborder: Castorimorpha (Beavers, the pocket gophers, and the kangaroo rats and mice)
Family: Castoridae
Genus: Castor
Species: Castor canadensis (American Beaver)





Suborder: Myomorpha (Rats, Mice, Rats, Voles, Gerbils, Hamsters, Lemmings)
Superfamily: Muroidea
Family: Cricetidae
Subfamily: Arvicolinae
Genus: Ondatra (muskrats)
Species: Ondatra zibethicus (Common Muskrat)