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Outside In Low Tide
This umbrella rock made me smile.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Outside In Low Tide

Two Rock Hearts
These are a real tourist attraction - multiple parking lots charging different rates, vending machines nearby and lots of tourists. The kids got the heart idea from other people doing the same thing.
People: Claira, Nara

John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Two Rock Hearts

Na Pali Coast

I think this is from Kalalau Lookout looking north.  It would
be suicide to try hiking or climbing these - the soil is so soft.

John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > Kauai, Hawaii > Canyon at Kauai, Hawaii > Na Pali Coast

View From The Top
There doesn't appear to be an obvious drainage pattern - a fan or a tree, that created this landscape.
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Drumheller > View From The Top

Lumpy Knoll
I'm guessing there is something special about that top piece of ground that stopped it from eroding as quickly as everything else. I wonder if it is a lichen crust.
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Drumheller > Lumpy Knoll

Stephen Walking Down Gallery
Stephen Walking Down Gallery
John Harvey Photo > John's Overnight Page > Gabriola > Stephen Walking Down Gallery

Standing Under Gallery
Standing Under Gallery
John Harvey Photo > John's Overnight Page > Gabriola > Standing Under Gallery