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Large Falls

This is the largest falls on the river. There doesn't seem to be an unobstructed
view, but trees and rocks does make a nice scene. Here is version in July.

John Harvey Photo > Cypress Falls > Large Falls

Dried Pepper Wreath

This would make a nice addition to a hot and spicy kitchen. For a comparison, see the Japanese version.

John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > A Weekend in Seattle > Dried Pepper Wreath

Japanese Garden
I believe this is a recent addition. For comparison, a Japanese version a few hundred years old.

I came back 17 years later and took a photo from a similar spot. The rocks have moved a lot and some of the trees are much larger now.

Tags: garden, twin, zen

John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > March, 2005 > Japanese Garden

Mom Under Apple Blossoms
I took the same picture (inadvertently) two years later.
Tags: tree, twin
People: Janet

John Harvey Photo > Hatley Castle > Mom Under Apple Blossoms

Tufts Of Grass
These rocks are in the splash zone for the ocean, but would never be covered. Somehow the grass has a footing. This image looks somewhat like a photo of a roof.
John Harvey Photo > Botanical Beach > Tufts Of Grass

Lions Through The Trees
This is a HDR shot - two different exposures seemed together. Here is an earlier shot to show how technology has advanced.
Tags: HDR, mountain, twin

John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > December 2005 > Lions Through The Trees

Mt Norman View
This is my first High Dynamic Range Pano - using a few tricks I've learned for panotools.

I was here once before.

John Harvey Photo > Kayaking in the Gulf Islands > Mt Norman View

Roof Tiles
It's funny there is a strong resemblance to another photo takes a long way away.
Tags: Japan, roof, twin

John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > A Third Trip to Japan > Ebino Kohen > Roof Tiles

View From Mount Norman
This is a 7 shot panorama. To get a sense of distortion (this is getting close to 180 degrees), that brown/grey bits in the corners is a wooden guard rail. In real life, it's straight.

I've been here again since.

John Harvey Photo > Pender Island for the May Long Weekend > View From Mount Norman

Sun Low Over Horizon
The frost covered reeds were cool - the sun low on the horizon was kind of depressing because it was mid afternoon. I took a shot on a trip to Aristazabal Island that is similar in composition.
Tags: frost, twin

John Harvey Photo > Sun Low Over Horizon


The lions are visible on the Vancouver sky line - they are two volcanic cones (generally black) that
are at the end of the Howe Sound Crest Trail. They were so bright they were hard to look at. I've since taken another shot.

Tags: mountain, twin

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Hiking > Howe Sound Crest Trail & Black Mountain > Lions

Camp With Tents

We had two camp sites - these are the tents in the same site as the kitchen.
I'm pretty sure that's Jer getting out of his "4 person if you include stacking" tent. This image reminds me a lot of another photo.

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Porpoise Bay, Sechelt > Camp With Tents

Mark Getting Up

We are about to leave the camp site. I've come back from doing my laundry and Mark is eager to find a warm breakfast. I got the same effect a few years later.

Tags: camping, tent, twin
People: Mark

Falls From Viewpoint
You can compare the winter version with this version.