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Zakwaski Mountain
This mountain sticks out more than most in the area. It's also the only named mountain I can find on local maps.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2021 to 2005 > August 2019 > Zakwaski Mountain

Black Tusk Pano
That peak to the right of the Black Tusk is Whistler.
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Hiking > Garibaldi Lake, Panorama Ridge > Black Tusk Pano

Glacier Over lake
This is a stupidly large pano - the source is actually 4 times this area. It was shot on my 105mm and it's 8 pictures seamed together. I really didn't get enough of the water and I didn't feel like painting in some placeholder. Love Hugin.
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Hiking > Garibaldi Lake > Glacier Over lake

Hill Above Lake
Hill Above Lake
John Harvey Photo > John's Overnight Page > Cathedral Road Trip > Hill Above Lake

View Of Volcano
It was unfortunately a fairly hazy day so you can't see good detail in the volcano.
John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > A Third Trip to Japan > Sakurajima > View Of Volcano

View From Sulphur Mountain Stations
This is a 5 image panorama. The color range was pretty good. It's funny seeing a big hill taking up so much of the image.
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Sights around the Town of Banff > View From Sulphur Mountain Stations