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Sunset At Fishermans Wharf
This turned out to be more tricky that I was expecting. This was 998 frames starting at 7:01pm on April 19th (1/400 of a second at f11), ending at 9:14pm (5 second exposure at f5). It was shot at 28mm. The camera is in shutter priority and I drop the shutter time in half again and again as the lighting gets dark.

The tricky part was that I was on a floating dock and I didn't realize at the time, but every time I moved, the dock shifted. I used Fiji to register the images, but my Mac only have enough RAM (16GB) to do 1/3 of the video at a time.

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Sunset Over Thieves Bay
I don't know about buying moorage at the Thieves bay Marina - boats are already expensive enough.
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