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Steamer With Baitfish
This was a very popular dish - ?????? lotus-wrapped rice in steamer. They weren't making fried rice/fried noodle dishes because they take too long and the restaurant was slammed. This was the closest thing (other than white rice) you could get. Pretty much every table ordered it.
John Harvey Photo > Hong Kong 10 > Steamer With Baitfish

Traditional Southern Food
These food are very common in southern China. The closest dish is ?? roasted pork. The lighter tan dish is ???? fried squid balls - the kids quite like it. To the left is ????? sweet and sour ribs. This dish is often "knocked off" in western Chinese food (sweet and sour ...) but the pork is rarely to the same standard as you see in this dish.
John Harvey Photo > Hong Kong 10 > Traditional Southern Food

Razor Clams
These clams were purchased at outside of the restaurant and brought in to cook. One of the owners of the restaurant suggested the vendor we bought them from.
John Harvey Photo > Hong Kong 10 > Razor Clams

Steamed Fish
This fish was purchased outside of the restaurant and we brought it in to be cooked. It was live not very long before this picture.
John Harvey Photo > Hong Kong 10 > Steamed Fish