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Setting Up Camp
This timelapse was inspired by a timelapse I did last year at Rathtrevor. I took a photo every 10 seconds starting at 5:00:38 pm and took 271 pictures (ended at 5:45:38). I made the same mistake as last year - I left the auto focus on so the camera refocused from time to time which on this lens changes the focal length (effectively zooms). To fix it I used the auto align layers command in photoshop which took approximately 18 hours to run. The auto align wasn't perfect, but it's an improvement.

The video was assembled at 15 frames per second which makes it just over 18 seconds long.

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Miracle Beach Camping > Setting Up Camp

Setting Up Campsite
Shot taken every 15 seconds, 160 frames (40 minutes) total. The popping in and out was because I left the camera with focus on so sometimes it focuses closer and that changes the effective focal length. My bad.
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Rathtrevor Camping 2 > Setting Up Campsite

Packing Up

Breaking camp on the morning of day 3.

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