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Clouds Rolling Over Downtown From Cypress
This is 215 images at 10 seconds each - roughly 35 minutes elapsed. I had to stop because the exposure what out of range - I could no longer take 10 seconds exposures.

The exposure was shot auto and then corrected in post which wasn't easy. There is some motion in the tripod - I think got warmer or I touched it a bit. I corrected the motion in post. I have blended the images to make this a 45fps video and to try and remove some of the residual brightness flickering.

John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > January 2016 > Clouds Rolling Over Downtown From Cypress

Granville Street Sunrise
This is one of the first timelapses where I wish I captured a few more frames.

519 frames, starting at 6:28am and running to 7:54. Sunrise was at 7:34am. The interval was 10 seconds - it started at f9, 8 seconds and ended at f22, 0.3 of a second. I didn't get the time down fast enough so some of the frames were at f22 but wanted to be more closed.

You can see some flickers at the start on the right hand side. That is flare from cars on the bridge. There is quite a bit of shaking when buses go over the expansion joints in the bridge - surprisingly that didn't show up.

John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > February 2021 > Granville Street Sunrise

Sunrise On Canda Place
551 frames with a 12 second interval. I started at 6:21am, f10, 10 second exposures and ended at 8:11am, f18, 1/4 second exposures and I don't think I went far enough.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > January 2021 > Sunrise On Canda Place

Vancouver From Burrard Dock Pier
This was shot at 42mm. I took a photo every 10 seconds from 6:28am to 8:18am - 664 frames. Exposure started at f5.6 8 second (under exposed 1 and 2/3rds stops) and ended at f14, 1/50th of a second. I like to under expose and bring it up in post so that I can keep detail in the bright areas.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > October 2020 > Vancouver From Burrard Dock Pier

Sunrise At Jerhicho Pier
This is 438 Photos taken 11 seconds apart. I started at 6:20am and sunrise was at 7:37am. The previous week I went to Jericho to photograph birds and noticed a great sunrise. This week the sunrise was windy but just ho-hum light. That said, I did see some nice shore birds this week which I didn't see last week. Lens was set to 40mm if it helps.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > October 2020 > Sunrise At Jerhicho Pier

Pennybacker Bridge
I took an exposure every 6 seconds starting at 6:25 am. I started at 5 second exposures at ISO 800 and f4 and finished at ISO 100 at f8.
John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > Austin > Pennybacker Bridge