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Milky Way Over Pyramid Mountain
I put the camera out on the dock and left it shooting and went back to bed. The sequence started at 12:08 am and finished at 1:22am for 73 photos. The images are taken every 62 seconds. The exposure is 30 seconds at f2.8 and ISO 800. The camera was set in manual mode so the exposure didn't change.

The mountain is called pyramid mountain.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > Cathedral > Milky Way Over Pyramid Mountain

Beach Sky
Sky time lapses are hard. I started taking photos at 10:56:40 on July 21st and ended at 11:46:10. I took a photo every 33 seconds roughly for 92 exposures. The exposure was 30 seconds long.

The town on the horizon is Powell River.

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Miracle Beach Camping > Beach Sky

Milky Way From Whytecliff Park
90 frames x 30 seconds each is roughly 45 minutes of tripod time. I first started shooting at 13 second exposures and it took me a few minutes to realize my mistake (those frames were discarded). The camera wasn't very level when I shot it (hard to get right when so much of the frame is black) so these images are cropped.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > August 2017 > Milky Way From Whytecliff Park