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Hey Deca!

We arrived in Toyohashi by Shinkansen as sun was setting.  Toyohashi seems a pretty industrial town - it doesn't get much write up in the tourist guides, but were visiting Deca so it was an obligatory stop.  Deca was teaching English so he knew the town a little.  He took us out to the local Pizza joint for dinner.
Pizza PatioPull off Beer Cap

After dinner we went Back to Deca's pad.  Of course it's small, but it slept the 4 of us without too much trouble.  There a little differences between Japanese apartments and western apartments.  The elevator fit 3 people - no more.  Garbage is separated and taken out on different days.  The bathrooms are smaller than most closets.  Laundry generally doesn't include a dryer.

A Place to CrashGarbage Schedule

The next morning, I went out with Deca to get some good shots for his family back home.  Deca is great at acting for the camera so we had a little fun.  Deca had class to teach that morning so we didn't have long.

Tending GardenDecaSliding

I went back to the apartment and a few minuets later, Deca came back!  It turns out his manager's wife had just had a baby and he had the day off.  We walked around Toyohashi for a while (checked e-mail) and then got on the trail for Tokyo.

Boys in the HoodPublic FountainCatching Rain

Train Station

Thanks for the space Deca!

Pull off Beer Cap
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Train Station
Tags: Japan, train station
Public Fountain
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Tending Garden
Garbage Schedule
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Pizza Patio
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Boys in the Hood
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Catching Rain
A Place to Crash
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