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Visiting Family

Visiting Comox

My sister is a school teacher so after the school year finishes she gets to do the local travel thing.  She organized a family weekend in Comox for the family to get together.  My Grandparents (Nara's Great Grandparents) hadn't seen our latest addition so we were manditory attendance.  Of course our first stop into town is the Grandparents house.
Grandpa Holding Nara Grandpa Tipping NaraGrandma With Nara In Green Chair
Grandparents By Pond
We discovered that Nara is quite good with new people!  In fact, she seems to like to put on a show - more interactive with more smiles than we normally see.

Feeding Nara On Outside Swing

My Aunt Jennifer graciously put on an afternoon garden party so that we had an excuse to get together and shoot the breeze.  This was Nara's coming out party to a lot of people but Marcus was also new to a few people.

Chatting On The FarmJustin With Marcus On Trampoline

Being the first days of summer vacation, there was lots of energy by the older kids too.

Justin Playing On Trampoline

Jessica On Trampoline Justin Falling On TrampolineMy Sister The Horse

Justin had just received a dirt bike so that got a demo.  Consider it's built for kids - it sure does go fast!  I wonder if Nara will get one she hits her teens?
Justin Kicking Up Dust Justin On Dirt Pile

And the rest was family, family, family!

 Nara With JuliNara With DeaneNara Smiling At GrandmaKayla With Nara
Marcus No Pinching Marcus With Four Teeth Marcus With Rock On Cheek Unhappy Baby
Great Grandparents With Kids Grandparents With Nara

Jessica On Trampoline
Person: Jessica
Justin Falling On Trampoline
Person: Justin
Tags: trampoline
Grandparents With Nara
Person: Edna, Philip
Feeding Nara On Outside Swing
Marcus With Rock On Cheek
Person: Marcus
Marcus No Pinching
Person: Marcus
Grandpa Holding Nara
Person: Philip
Grandma With Nara In Green Chair
Person: Edna
Chatting On The Farm
Grandpa Tipping Nara
Person: Philip
Unhappy Baby
Person: Nara
Kayla With Nara
Person: Kayla
Grandparents By Pond
Person: Edna, Philip
Justin With Marcus On Trampoline
Person: Justin, Marcus
Justin On Dirt Pile
Person: Justin
Great Grandparents With Kids
Person: Diana, Edna, Helen, Jeff, John, Marcus, Nara, Philip
My Sister The Horse
Person: Justin, Kayla
Nara With Deane
Nara With Juli
Justin Playing On Trampoline
Person: Justin
Tags: multiple frame image, trampoline, triptych
Marcus With Four Teeth
Person: Marcus
Justin Kicking Up Dust
Person: Justin
Nara Smiling At Grandma
Person: Edna
Tags: trampoline(2), multiple frame image(1), triptych(1)
People: Justin(6), Marcus(5), Philip(5), Edna(5), Kayla(2), Nara(2)
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