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View From The Top
There doesn't appear to be an obvious drainage pattern - a fan or a tree, that created this landscape.
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Drumheller > View From The Top

Black Tusk And Two Lakes
Black Tusk And Two Lakes
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Hiking > Garibaldi Lake, Panorama Ridge > Black Tusk And Two Lakes

Frosty Deactived Road
I loved the light in this shot. It's really hard to show on a small image, but on a larger image (where you can see detail), it's cool. The only real colour is the red "deactivated" sign.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2019 to 2005 > December 2009 > Frosty Deactived Road

Ferry Off Bainbridge Island
The contrast here is crazy - Digital Cameras back in the day used to really have problems with this kind of scene.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2019 to 2005 > November 2009 > Ferry Off Bainbridge Island