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fireworks AND long exposure
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Jer Circle

A good shot because it shows a clear face.

People: Jeremy

John Harvey Photo > Sparklers > Jer Circle

John Name

I'll admit it, I wrote my name backward and flipped it in photoshop. I wish I was left handed,
does that count?

People: John

John Harvey Photo > Sparklers > John Name

Karen's Hi!

This was the last shot of the night and Karen had figured out how
to make that sparkler shine.

John Harvey Photo > Sparklers > Karen's Hi!

Sean's Star

I have no idea why Sean pretty much disappered.

John Harvey Photo > Sparklers > Sean's Star

Thao's Play

Halloween night we bought some fireworks.  The photo shoot was inspired
by a Picasso portrait (he draws a bull).

John Harvey Photo > Sparklers > Thao's Play

Mark's First

Mark went first and his sparkler was a bit of a dud.  We
had to roast the sparklers for a few minuets (over the MSR stove)
to get them to work correctly.

John Harvey Photo > Sparklers > Mark's First