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Black Mountain.

It was a beautiful Sunday and we had to go for a hike.  I've done the Howe Sound Crest Trail before with Kevin Stanley so I knew it would be a good trip.  The trail is funny - it stars with some of the most beautiful views and then goes into the forest for a long period of time.

Cliché shot

The first view before you enter the trail proper is beautiful and so widely photographed it's almost cliché.  You continue along the ridge and into the forest.  A few minutes in you find a map shelter and glorious view of the lions.

Map ShelterLions

And from there the trail went down hill.  Another few minuets into the trail, a tree has fallen across the trail adding a little challenge.  The tree had been their a few weeks and probably fell because the soil supporting the roots had been water logged.  A few minutes later, an even larger obstacle - a snow ridge.

Tree DownIce Canyon

The snow that made up the ridge is from last year - it's lasted all summer.  Because of some poor footwear and the possibility of a fall we decided not to risk going further - we turned around and went back.  Turning back, you are treated to another spectacular view of Howe sound.

View of Howe Sound

Getting back to the ski area we walked down to the village, had lunch and decided to hike up Black Mountain.

Steaming Logs

Black mountain is the smaller of the two mountain in Cypress Provincial Park.  Hiking up is literally hiking up a wide road.

Climbing Black Mt.

Once you reach the top of mountain (ski lift) you can towards the Vancouver side of the mountain.  Down a gully, and onto the next hill you reach the lakes area of the mountain.

Lake on Black Mountain

From this glorious lake, its a 5 minute walk to the top.  Once at the top we paused for pictures, sent an e-mail to Mark and then started the cold hike back.

Top of Black MountainPager To Mark

A few minutes down (past a long steep skating rink) we came to this sweeping vista.  (This is a five pictures seamed together.)


This seemed a fitting end to a great day of hiking.

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Steaming Logs
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Cliché shot
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Lake on Black Mountain
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View of Howe Sound
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Pager To Mark
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Map Shelter
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Ice Canyon
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Tree Down
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Climbing Black Mt.
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Top of Black Mountain
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From: John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Hiking > Howe Sound Crest Trail & Black Mountain
From: John Harvey Photo > Howe Sound Crest Trail & Black Mountain
From: John Harvey Photo > Howe Sound Crest Trail & Black Mountain

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