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Brothers Creek

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Lots of large stumps and a nice lake

Introduction Sign

Dave and Karen, Andrea and I decided to do a hike on Sunday afternoon and Brothers Creek was the perfect combination of "never been there", "close" and "interesting".  The hike starts in the top of the British Properties in West Vancouver and looks like a a driveway that was never finished.  The gate has a a number of brochures which include a map and a guide. 

Old Road

The first part of the trail is on a fire road - what used to access a logging mill.  The road still shows remnants of it's 100 year old construction.

The trail itself is in lush second growth forest.  Beause no trees grow on the road way the canopy is open and the light encourages many plants to grow.

Glowing TreesTree With Green

Fungus on TreeDeer Ferns


The Brothers Creek has the largest collection of massive stumps with springboard notches I've ever seen.  These old trees really pull at my heart strings - I love to photograph them.  The scale of these old trees is impressive - they dwarf the humans and roads next to them.

Stump with TreesBurnt StumpStumps with Trees

Hiking Among StumpsTwisted Stump

As you reach the top of the Brothers Creek trail you come to the bridge and get a few options for side hikes.  One trail goes towards Lost Lake, the other goes to Blue Gentian Lake.  After finding the sign way up on a tree we decided to try Lost Lake.

Brothers Creek SignSign to Lost Lake

Lost Lake

We found it - Here it is!  The lake isn't terribly large but it's quite calming.  We walked around to the side and placed a few phone calls to taunt our friends about how much fun we were having hiking.

Lost LakeTrees at Lost LakeAndrea at Lake

Twin Falls

After visiting lost lake we walked back to the junction and down the western edge of The Brothers Creek Trail.  By this point the sun is starting to set so the light gets challenging.  The trail somewhat parallels Brothers Creek and at on point you can take a short side step and see the twin falls.

The rest of the hike down is in trees with occassion boggy bits.

Rickety BridgeSkunk Cabbage

The Brothers Creek hike proper starts at one parking lot and ends at another.  With the bus strike on we drove up so we had to return to the car.  We took the Crossover Trail and repeated a short section of the trail.

Lower Brothers CreekCrossover Trail over Brothers Creek

I really enjoyed this hike becase of the stumps and the great water.  This trail is worth doing!


Andrea at Lake
Person: Andrea
Introduction Sign
Tags: sign
Old Road
Tags: road
Deer Ferns
Species: Blechnum spicant (Deer Fern)
Tags: fern
Skunk Cabbage
Species: Lysichiton americanus (Skunk Cabbage, Swamp Lantern)
Tags: plant
Crossover Trail over Brothers Creek
Person: David
Tags: bridge, hiking
Stump with Trees
Tags: forest, stump
Burnt Stump
Tags: stump
Hiking Among Stumps
Tags: hiking, stump
Fungus on Tree
Species: Phellinus igniarius (False Tinder Polypore)
Tags: mushroom
Trees at Lost Lake
Tags: forest, lake
Stumps with Trees
Tags: stump
Rickety Bridge
Tags: bridge, hiking, trail
Sign to Lost Lake
Tags: sign, trail
Lower Brothers Creek
Tags: stream
Twin Falls
Tags: waterfall
Glowing Trees
Tags: forest
Tree With Green
Tags: fern, moss
Brothers Creek Sign
Tags: sign
Twisted Stump
Tags: hiking, stump
Lost Lake
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Tags: lake
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People: Andrea(1), David(1)
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