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Late Afternoon in Early Summer

There are lots of breath taking all day hikes in the Vancouver, but this hike is both approachable (runners are OK), short (3 hours or less) and still beautiful.   This hike starts in a parking lot under the upper levels (Trans Canada) highway.  It follows a power line maintance line which is wide and easy.


About 45 minuets in the trail pulls off the power line and comes closer to the river.  The forest is lush and amazingly green.

Mark Skipping Trail Walking over the Bridge

And every once in a while you get a view of the river.  (It's deep canyon so you don't see much)

On Look-Out

Small streams come out of the forest towards the canyon.  The seem pristine and are beautiful to watch:


And after about 2 hours (it's the up hill leg of the trip) we reached the Dam.  The dam wasn't running very fast so other than the tourists it was quite quiet at the top.

Looking over the Rail Bumps on a Rail Chute

And of course the view of the resevoir and coast mountains is incredible.  Even if you just drive up to the Dam, you feel you are getting back to nature looking at this.

Panoramic of Capilano Reservoir

And if you want to go, here's a map.  (They given them out in the tourist areas.)


Walking over the Bridge
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On Look-Out
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Looking over the Rail
Person: David, Jeremy, Jesse
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Mark Skipping Trail
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Bumps on a Rail
Person: David, Jeremy, Jesse, Karen, Mark
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Panoramic of Capilano Reservoir
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