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Christmas 2002
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Family, Family, Family!

There are no favorite cousins, just some that put up with the camera more than others.  Kayla and Justin met me just after I arrived and kind of put up with me.

  Kayla And Justin PlayingKayla And Justin Straight

The next morning (when the more mature cousins were either sleeping or shopping), Kayla and Justin went to the Park.  The park is a great place for kids - they have fun and I don't have to kneel so often to get to eye level.

Pulling WagonsKayla Sliding DownJusting Hanging From BarAndrea And Kayla
Justing With Scoop

Sunday rolls around all to quick so we get the firing squad photos in front of the rock.  Usually we take just the group photo (at the end), but this year people to go out and stand on the rock and just take some snaps.  I usually shoot with the 105 mm, but with pairs, the 70mm end of the 28-70mm is a bit easier.

Kayla And Justin2Nathan And DavidNathan And JessicaMom And Justin

Diana And JeffKayla And ChrissyKayla And JustinGrandma And Grandpa
Ok - I cheated a little.  The group photo is actually a collage of three images (more smiling faces that way).


Thanks for organizing Mom and see everyone next year!

Kayla And Chrissy
Person: Chrissy, Kayla
Andrea And Kayla
Nathan And David
Person: DavidJ, Nathan
Justing With Scoop
Person: Justin
Kayla And Justin Straight
Person: Justin, Kayla
Mom And Justin
Person: Janet, Justin
Kayla And Justin2
Person: Justin, Kayla
Kayla And Justin
Person: Justin, Kayla
Pulling Wagons
Person: Justin
Justing Hanging From Bar
Grandma And Grandpa
Person: Edna, Philip
Nathan And Jessica
Person: Jessica, Nathan
Diana And Jeff
Person: Diana, Jeff
Kayla And Justin Playing
Kayla Sliding Down
Person: Justin, Kayla
People: Justin(7), Kayla(5), Nathan(2), Chrissy(1), Diana(1), Jeff(1)
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