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Yet another spin around the sun

A Walk to the Park

Pulling Wagons To Park
There used to be a day when most of the cousins enjoyed a walk to the park - now they seem to enjoy sleeping.  Early (like 9am Saturday) sleep seemed to take the older cousins - only Chrissy, Justin and Kayla were up.  Eager to go do something, we went for a walk to the Park.  It was still a little moist but we brought towels to dry things off.

Most of the toys are just as much fun wet and covered with sand as they are when, well, they are always covered in sand.  We did our best job drying things off so little bums didn't get too cold.

ReadyGoKayla Standing In PuddleKayla Grinning At Top Of Slide

Justin Hard At WorkJustin On SwingFlying On Teeter Totter

This year, one of the favorites seemed to be the tire swing.  Both Kayla and Justin fit in the swing and they both seemed to like a good spin around.

Justin And Kayla On SwingOut Of Focus On Swing

Chrissy Pulling Justin
Those older kids have to wake up some time!  Tired, we returned to the house for a late breakfast and the option to torment the older kids - some of which were reluctantly awake.

Kayla On Wagon

Family Shots
This year was particularly rainy so trying to get everyone to stand on the rock seemed to be pushing it.  Given the number of wet heads, I think we were earlier this year than last.  Thanks everyone for your patience putting up with this ritual.

JeffriesGrandkidsJess Nathan And Alison
Lloyd And JanetGrandparentsMillard FamilyJeffries And Milard KidsDiana And Jeff

Back at the Farm

Toys Of Different Scale
This year, I spent Christmas with the parents in Victoria.  For boxing day we went up island to visit the relatives and one evening we hung out on the farm.  Being set on the leeward side of the mountains that run up the spine of the Island, sunsets are prolonged affairs that bathe the fields in soft reflected light - one of my favorite lighting environments.  Kayla and Justin were nice enough to join me for a walk down to the creek in the lower fields.

Standing In A PuddleJustin And Kayla On The FarmKayla Sitting In Wet Grass

Jess Nathan And Alison
Person: Jessica, Nathan
Standing In A Puddle
Person: Justin, Kayla
Justin And Kayla On Swing
Person: Justin
Flying On Teeter Totter
Person: Justin
Tags: McMinn Park, playground, seesaw
Kayla On Wagon
Person: Kayla
Kayla Grinning At Top Of Slide
Person: Kayla
Out Of Focus On Swing
Person: Kayla
Jeffries And Milard Kids
Person: Chrissy, DavidJ, Justin, Kayla, Sonia
Justin Hard At Work
Person: Justin
Kayla Sitting In Wet Grass
Person: Kayla
Justin And Kayla On The Farm
Person: Justin, Kayla
Chrissy Pulling Justin
Person: Chrissy, Justin
Tags: wagon
Lloyd And Janet
Person: Janet, Lloyd
Person: Justin
Person: Justin
Millard Family
Justin On Swing
Person: Justin
Tags: McMinn Park, playground, swing
Person: Chrissy, DavidJ, Diana, Jessica, John, Justin, Kayla, Nathan, Sonia
Diana And Jeff
Person: Diana, Jeff
Person: Edna, Philip
Toys Of Different Scale
Tags: barn, farm, shallow depth of field, toy
Kayla Standing In Puddle
Person: Kayla
Pulling Wagons To Park
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