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Christmas 2009

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Butchart Gardens Light Show

I've been to the Butchart Gardens a number of times, but gardens keep changing and your memory fades so it really is worth visiting again.  Ideally you want snow on the ground so the lights reflect and fill the space, but I was pretty happy with the lights on the plants that were there.  Unlike many gardens, there is quite a bit of topology to Butchart so just the space is nice to see.

Sunken Garden 

Along with the Christmas light show, the garden does a 12 days of Christmas theme - a diarama (some with motion) for each of the 12 gifts.  It gives you a good reason to see all of the areas of the garden.

John And Helen With Lit TreesBasket Spheres Lit In Tree Gate Through Hedge

Mom On Carousel Nathan Ashley At Start On Carousel
A surprise for me was a the carousel - new since I've last been.  It was running and popular late into the evening.

Nathan Ashley And Allison On Carousel

There are a lot of old favorites for me.  The gardens are obviously spectacular durring the growing season, but Butchart has really done a good job of dressing the place up for Christmas.

Boar In Christmas Clothes Torii With Lit TreesStar Shaped Fountain

Back at the Ranch

This is Marcus's first Christmas and he seems to be accomodating well.  He has many cousins once removed so he frequently had an audience for having fun.

Marcus Observing Marcus Moving AboutMarcus Coming Closer
Just for old times, we decided to walk around the neighborhood and see some Christmas lights.  They are good, but nothing a little camera shake can't make better.  I discovered the LED lights blink so this kind of camera trick may be getting obsolete once incadencent light bulbs go away.

Loopy Christmas Lights Loopy Snowman

And Finally the group shots.  I know they aren't peoples favorite things, but it's nice to have photos of everyone from year to year.

Diana Grandma And Marcus Diana Jeff And MarcusGrandmother And Grandfather
John And Helen By Rock ABunch Of Late Risers
Kayla Nathan And Ashley

Christmas at My Sisters

Getting Ready For Action Sleepy From Waking Up
A Baby's first Christmas is a special thing.  Lots of paper, ripping is allowed and wow, are bow's ever fun!  My sister kindly hosted a christmas gift opening on Christmas morning.  Poor Marcus woke up to more visitors and more weird behaviour.  It didn't take long for him to get into it.

Landscape Looking

Diana With New Camera
My sister received a sony SLR so I guess I no longer need to take photos!  We did a little photography 101 - I really should make up a web page for new to SLR photography.  My sister has sent us some photos since and she has obviously figured her way around.

Boxing Day in Comox

Jessica Looking At Gift
My uncle kindly put on a Christmas Style dinner (Salvation Army Dinner as they say) on Boxing day.  Amazingly, even more gifts were exchanged.

Ashley And Nathan Jennifer With John Deere Napkins

Landscape Looking
Person: Marcus
John And Helen With Lit Trees
Person: Helen, John
Altitude: 2m (6 feet)
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Tags: Butchart Gardens, lights, night
Gate Through Hedge
Tags: Butchart Gardens, gate
Diana With New Camera
Person: Diana
John And Helen By Rock
Person: Helen, John
Basket Spheres Lit In Tree
Tags: Butchart Gardens, lights, tree
Person: Kayla
Sleepy From Waking Up
Person: Marcus
Nathan And Ashley
Person: Nathan
Boar In Christmas Clothes
Tags: Butchart Gardens, statue
Marcus Moving About
Person: Marcus
Diana Jeff And Marcus
Person: Diana, Jeff, Marcus
Torii With Lit Trees
Tags: Butchart Gardens, torii
Loopy Christmas Lights
Tags: abstract, lights
Marcus Coming Closer
Person: Marcus
Getting Ready For Action
Person: Marcus
Loopy Snowman
Tags: abstract, lights
Mom On Carousel
Person: Janet
Tags: Butchart Gardens, carousel
Sunken Garden
Tags: Butchart Gardens, garden, lights, night, panorama
Jennifer With John Deere Napkins
ABunch Of Late Risers
Person: Chrissy, DavidJ, Kevin, Nathan, Sonia
Nathan Ashley At Start On Carousel
Person: Nathan
Tags: Butchart Gardens, carousel
Jessica Looking At Gift
Person: Jessica
Diana Grandma And Marcus
Nathan Ashley And Allison On Carousel
Tags: Butchart Gardens, carousel
Ashley And Nathan
Person: Nathan
Star Shaped Fountain
Tags: Butchart Gardens, fountain, lights
Marcus Observing
Person: Marcus
Grandmother And Grandfather
Person: Edna, Philip
Tags: Butchart Gardens(10), lights(6), carousel(3), night(2), abstract(2), tree(1)
People: Marcus(7), Nathan(4), John(2), Helen(2), Diana(2), Sonia(1)
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