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Santa is coming!

Our house isn't really setup for Christmas.  We have a small fireplace but it's covered up by a shelving unit full of toys.  We have a small Christmas tree, but you couldn't get more than 3 gifts under it.  My mother likes to decorate a tree (or three) for Christmas and they have a fireplace that Santa could plausibly descend.  Besides - it's more fun going away for Christmas!

Candy Canes For ReindeerCarrots In Reindeer Stockings
My mother had a new layer of embellishment to the Christmas traditions - small stocking for snacks for the reindeer.  The kids put out carrots for the reindeer as well as the cookies and milk for Santa.  They really wanted to stay up and watch while Santa came to drop off gifts, but thankfully they went to bed without too much fuss. 

Claira With New Toys
We are fortunate that we can provide gifts.  It's tricky to figure out what is the right quantity, especially when you don't coordinate well between parents.  We have learned - after a few gifts the kids are overwhelmed so try to keep the count down.  The kids do love stuffed animals and fancy dresses. 

Nara With Her HaulNara With Her New CatClaira With Her Cat

  Claira Dancing In New DressNara Dancing In New Dress
I think our goal is to spread present opening over as many days as possible.  The first gift of the day will always be more special than the seventh.

My personal favorite part of Christmas is going out for a walk after.  Everyone outside is happy and the kids always need a good play or run.  My dad has more kids bikes than we do so the kids got to ride over. 

Claira On Her BikeNara On Her BikeClaira At PlaygroundNara At Mc Minn Park
Blowing Out Candles

And then it becomes a birthday!  My dad was born on Christmas day so we try to dedicate half the day to him.  We usually make Pizza at home and my Mom has picked out a cake.  We try to make sure he has a separate gift from his Christmas gift which has lead to the bizarre outcome that he gets more birthday gifts than my Mom does.  Either way, Christmas + a birthday cake makes for happy kids.


Sitting On The StairsJustin And His Dad

Lexi In Elsa DressArabella Wants BeadsMarcus And TreatsJames Doing Melty Beads
 Shelton And ArabellaJessica And Arabella
Six Kids

Great Grandma And KidsGreat Grandpa And Kids

Arabella Wants Beads
Person: Arabella
Marcus And Treats
Person: Marcus
Lexi In Elsa Dress
Person: Lexi May
Claira On Her Bike
Person: Claira
Tags: biking
Claira Dancing In New Dress
Person: Claira
Candy Canes For Reindeer
Person: Claira
Sitting On The Stairs
Person: Kayla, Nathan
Claira At Playground
Person: Claira
Six Kids
Person: Nara, Claira, Arabella, James, Marcus, Lexi May
Nara On Her Bike
Person: Nara
Tags: biking
Carrots In Reindeer Stockings
Nara At Mc Minn Park
Person: Nara
Tags: McMinn Park, monkey bars, playground
Justin And His Dad
Person: Justin
Blowing Out Candles
Person: Claira, Lloyd, Nara
Tags: birthday cake, candlelight
James Doing Melty Beads
Person: James
Claira With New Toys
Person: Claira
Tags: toy
Nara Dancing In New Dress
Person: Nara
Nara With Her New Cat
Person: Nara
Nara With Her Haul
Jessica And Arabella
Person: Arabella, Jessica
Great Grandpa And Kids
Person: Nara, Claira, Philip
Shelton And Arabella
Person: Arabella, Shelton
Claira With Her Cat
Person: Claira
Great Grandma And Kids
Person: Nara, Claira, Edna
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