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A short walk at the bottom of the ski hill

Andrea Drawing
You know those weekends in December when you want to get out but the sun is only up for a few hours?  Andrea and thought we'd go for a short hike - she could do some drawing and I could take some photos.  Cypress Falls is written up in "Best Hikes and Walks in Southern British Columbia" book so we gave it a shot.

The hike is a loop - it starts on an access road and walks down to a bridge over the river.  The bridge seems pretty old and the environment is starting to get the best of it - but it does look like it belongs here.

Curved BridgeCedar StairsBridge Over River

The whole place seems to be buried in life.  Every square inch has at least moss on it and there were mushrooms sprouting up all over.

MushroomsRocks with Mushrooms on Them


Cypress falls has a number of small falls .  Being December the whole place was pretty wet - Cypress Creek isn't huge but makes for some nice shots.

Smaller River Feeding MainCascade of WaterfallsLarge Falls

Little SprayWood Over River

Overall, the trails were a little muddy in spots and there are a lot of trails to confuse, but it was worth the hike.

2004 Update

Sean got a bunch of us (Catherine, Jesse, Jin, Jin's Dad) on a hike Sunday morning.  It's a short walk, but it was nice to get out a little.