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Diana and Jeff's Wedding
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By this point it should be obvious that I like taking pictures of flowers. I arrived at my Aunts house hours before the wedding and my mother had arrived shortly before with an unbelievable number of flowers - some 14 dozen roses, to complement the flowers that were already in the walk in freezer at the reception hall.

 Pink Roses With Baby's BreathDianas BouquetFlower Girls Basket

Kids On Chair
As the afternoon moved on, we got dressed in our tuxedos and dresses.   On schedule (it's amazing anything happens on schedule) Diana and my father left in the the convertible and I took the rest of the brides maids to the wedding site - Kin Beach.

The wedding itself was beautiful.  We gathered around the minister with a view of the Georgia Straight and the mountains on the mainland while he proceeded through the ceremony.  The parents gave there blessing, rings were produced and two horseshoes were passed along.

Whole Wedding Party

Weddings are a happy event for many reasons - one of them being the collection of family.  It's rare to have so many people together at the same time, so I was happy to take photos.

Brides MaidsJennifer And ChrissyGrandparents And JenniferGrandparents And Bride And GroomMillard Family

Somehow kids just seem to get into photos.  Kayla (the flower girl) and Justin (ring bearer) were very patient with the whole event.

  Ashley And KaylaJustin And RachelLittle PhotographerKayla On Dress Edge

But the day really is about the bride and groom and the brides wedding dress.

Dress Swept OutBoth SmilingLooking At RingIn Front Of Piper

Diana Holding FlowersDiana With DressCloser Embrace

After a crazy number of photos we went to the reception hall.  The ride over was about half hour - it was nice to have a seat and watch the world go by.  We arrived just before dinner (funny how that works) and had a fantastic dinner. 
Mom And DianaDianas Family At Fish And Game

Dinner, speeches, an encore from the piper and a great wedding cake, we have a good evening.

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Jennifer And Chrissy
Person: Chrissy
Kayla On Dress Edge
Person: Kayla
Dianas Bouquet
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Source Flowers
Tags: flowers
Both Smiling
Person: Diana, Jeff
Diana Holding Flowers
Person: Diana
Mom And Diana
Person: Janet, Diana
Justin And Rachel
Ashley And Kayla
In Front Of Piper
Person: Diana, Jeff
Dress Swept Out
Person: Diana, Jeff
Whole Wedding Party
Little Photographer
Person: Justin
Looking At Ring
Person: Diana, Jeff
Dianas Family At Fish And Game
Person: Janet, John, Lloyd, Diana, Jeff
Grandparents And Bride And Groom
Person: Edna, Philip, Diana, Jeff
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Flower Girls Basket
Tags: flowers, wedding
Kids On Chair
Person: Justin, Kayla
Pink Roses With Baby's Breath
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Brides Maids
Diana With Dress
Person: Diana
Millard Family
Closer Embrace
Person: Diana, Jeff
Grandparents And Jennifer
Person: Edna, Philip
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