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My Grandmothers 80th Birthday

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Family, Family, Family!

My grandmother's birthday is actually in two weeks - she'll be 80 - but she is flying to Scotland before then so we figured this weekend (the start of spring break) would be a good time to get together and celebrate.  Andrea and I arrived at the staging area (Grandma's house) early to see my two youngest cousins - Kayla and Justin.  Poor Justin had just been woken up.

Kayla Justin Just Woke Up

But there wasn't much time before the big party!  The Kids got their baths and then dressed up in their fancy clothes.  I think they appreciate the attention.

Justin  SmilingKayla and JustinKayla Showing Her Toys

But we must not forget who this day is for - Grandma!  The kids usually get all the attention and it took a conscious effort to ask my Grandma to take here photo, but she was both willing and patient.  Thanks!

GrandmaGrandma Smiling

Everyone ready, we got drove over to my Aunt's house to for the celebration.  While the light was still good, we got everyone outside and took the required group shot.

Group Shot at 80th Birthday

A special treat for me was to see all the people in tartan's.  My aunt and her children (my cousins) are part of the local piping group organized by the legion.

TartansThe Pipers

Photo's done, we retreated inside.

Jeffries and Milard Kids

Wonderful dinner (thanks Jenny!), great cakes and pipes for Happy Birthday.

DessertsPiping For Grandma

The Abotsford side of the family doesn't see the Island much, so the next morning Andrea and I picked them up and Allison and her kids met us at Kai bay - one of the nice sandy beaches in Comox.  It was a little cold and windy, but it was nice to get outside and run around a little.

Kids on the Beach at Kai Bay

Jessica at Kai BaySonia on LogDavid on the Beach

It was nice to see everyone in March - see you in December!

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David on the Beach
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Kayla and Justin
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Sonia on Log
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Jeffries and Milard Kids
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Kayla Showing Her Toys
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Group Shot at 80th Birthday
Justin  Smiling
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Piping For Grandma
Justin Just Woke Up
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Jessica at Kai Bay
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Kids on the Beach at Kai Bay
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Grandma Smiling
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