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Our last days in Japan

Akihabara As engineers, high on or list is places to see was Akihabara.  Akihabara is the "electronics town" of Tokyo - a neighborhood dedicated to the sale of consumer electronics, computer and (to our surprise) electronic components.  Sean was looking to buy a MD player (not so common and more expensive in North America) so we spent a morning poking around Akihabara.

AkihabaraBuy Some GearResisters

Akihabara Electronics ShopGame Systems

We still had a little power shopping left so we spent half a day getting some of those all important souvenirs.  Japanese toys are always cool - they have so many super cute television characters and many things that can only be described as "Japanese".  Our second find was the Oriental Bazaar - they are targets toward tourists (we saw more tourists there than anywhere else) and sell things foreigners want (T-shirts, antique furniture, antique Kimono, English books and so) that aren't easily found in Tokyo and never in one place.

Japanese Toy StoreOriental Bazaar

We stayed in one of the diplomatic neighborhoods (but we never did see the Canadian Embassy) and one afternoon we heard these loud speakers blaring something we didn't understand (but angry) and noticed a road block being put up.  In Canada I would have assumed a full scale riot was going on, but it turns out the protest vehicles basically spend all day playing cat and mouse with the police that trying to keep normalcy to the neighborhood around the Russian Embassy.

Road BlockRiot Shields

All too soon, our trip was over!  After a bit of a fiasco taking the train to the airport (the train left from our station but we took a local train to Tokyo station) and some mad spending of our last Yen, we got back on the 747 and headed home to Vancouver.  Awesome trip!

McDonalds at the AirportPlane for the Ride Home

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Plane for the Ride Home
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Oriental Bazaar
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Japanese Toy Store
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McDonalds at the Airport
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Akihabara Electronics Shop
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Buy Some Gear
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Game Systems
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Road Block
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Riot Shields
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